Top 10 things To Do Every Night and 5 Things To Avoid

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Each and every day can present harsh obstacles to your body, skin, and hair. When it comes time for bed and you’re getting ready for your beauty rest, you should focus on restoring your features and pampering them in the comfort of your own home.

There are some things that if you do them each and every night, will change your whole beauty profile, and even how you feel overall.

Check out these 10 things you should do every night:

#1. Take the makeup off

It’s normal to each the end of your day and feel completely exhausted. It takes enough energy to change from the day’s clothes into whatever pajamas you prefer, and by that point, all you want is to dive into bed.

Fight the urge to skip the bathroom sink. You need to remove your makeup every night before going to sleep. Use a gentle remover and follow with your nighttime facial cleanser. If you skip this important step, you will be sleeping with dirty skin and creating issues like pimples and bacteria on your skin.

#2. Tone your skin

If you were thinking that toner was just an extra unnecessary step in a night routine, think again. Toner actually helps clean your face and rid it of bacteria, restoring natural pH levels. Choose natural toners, like rose water, and apply them with a bit of cotton.

#3. Moisturize your hands

Think of all the ways you use your hands throughout each day. They are your most needed possession, and you want to treat them well. The skin on your hands is delicate and needs proper moisturizing. Since you’ll just be going to sleep, use a really thick cream at night for the best possible moisturizing experience.

#4. Oral hygiene

Whatever you do, don’t skip the nighttime brushing of your teeth! Drag yourself into the bathroom, if you have to, but get it done. You have left traces of food in your teeth from your day, and if you leave them in your teeth, you risk bad breath and cavities.

#5. Night cream for eyes

Aging begins showing up around your eyes first. Protect them from early signs and from general environmental damage by treating them with a nice cream each night. Choose lightweight creams that will still moisturize and provide your eyes with antioxidants and brightening agents to wake up looking refreshed.

#6. Lather up your feet

Spend a few minutes each night before bed focusing on your feet. Clean them, dry them, and lather them up with petroleum jelly or cream, if you prefer. Focus extra care on dry areas, and after massaging them a while, put on cotton socks to sleep with.

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#7. Hair in a ponytail

Sleeping with your hair up is better for the quality of both your skin and hair. When it’s tied up, your hair won’t get as tangled throughout the night, and it won’t leave its oils on your face.

#8. Humidify your space

If you know that you have a particularly dry bedroom, then a humidifier is a step you cannot skip. When you use a humidifier in your room at night, the room stays moist, which helps you avoid dry skin. This can be especially helpful during the winter months.

#9. Sleep on silk

Silk pillowcases are the best option for your hair and skin. Your hair won’t tangle and your skin won’t be left with a pillow crease when you wake up. Not to mention that silk is full of proteins and amino acids that help your skin stay healthy.

#10. Get your proper amount of rest

No matter what your nighttime routine entails, make sure that it ends with you getting into bed for enough rest. Sleep deprivation will affect your beauty just as it will your energy and other body functions.

Just as there are specific things you should try to do each night before hitting the sack, there are a collection of things that you want to avoid doing to optimize your beauty.

Stay away from these 5 habits:

#1. Sunglasses without UV protection

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your eyes are safe from the sun! Just like your skin needs sunscreen, you eyes also need to be protected against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Invest in a good quality pair of sunglasses that provide UV protection.

#2. Night owl

Try to leave your party nights and nights of staying up until the wee hours of the morning behind you. As you get older, this lack of proper rest accumulates and begins to show in the quality of your skin and in the bags under your eyes.

#3. Alcohol toner

While it is important to use a toner on a nightly basis, you need to be careful with what kind you apply to your skin. The most important rule of thumb is not to use toners that contain alcohol. Search for natural alternatives instead.

#4. Hair cleansing routine

You need to experiment with your hair and find its perfect balance. Shampooing too much can damage hair and not cleaning it enough can leave it oily and smelly. Try washing your hair at least twice a week, see how it fairs, and adjust.

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#5. Using the same beauty products

Don’t be afraid to venture out and try new things. It’s easy to get stuck using one product when you see that it works for you, but the truth is that you could be ignoring another thing that might be even better. Change things up every once in awhile so that you can learn what beauty products do and don’t work for you.

Keep your nighttime routine simple, but purposeful for the optimal enhancement of your natural beauty.

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