It Turns out You Can Heal Your Thyroid Gland with Coconut Oil

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Many people across the U.S are struggling with health issues like hair loss, brittle nails, fatigue, ear ringing, libido loss, sensitivity to cold, insomnia, feeling dizzy, joint pain, etc.

You are probably thinking that these issues are completely normal for the time we are living in.

But, when did this all start?

When did having health problems become something normal?

Well, apparently, most of the people struggling with the issues we just mentioned are struggling with obesity/being overweight. 65% of them are overweight, and 27% clinically obese, to be exact.

One of the key signs to recognize if obesity is the issue to your health issues is to go and get your thyroid gland checked. This is because all issues start from there.

If you already went to a professional and got your thyroid checked, and if you’re having issues improving the health of the gland, look no further.

There is some research roaming the internet telling us about how coconut oil consumption can also benefit the health of the thyroid gland.

Coconut oil is basically all saturated fats that contains lots of compounds that you can benefit from. In addition to this, coconut oil doesn’t need enzymes for its digestion, which prevents T4 and T3 hormones from converting.

Your liver gets very damaged from oxidation damage. This oxidation usually happens from when rancid oil turns from T4 to T3. This is just creating more enzymes and upsetting your system.

There are many people out there on the internet claiming that using coconut oil has helped with their insomnia and weight loss. If you look around on the internet, so many people wholeheartedly recommend its consumption.

Are you going to try out coconut oil to treat your thyroid gland issues?

Good luck!

Other measures to take while improving your thyroid’s health are:

  • Don’t take any salad dressings when eating a salad
  • Incorporate healthier oils in your diet like olive oil and butter
  • Eat more iodine-rich foods
  • Avoid fluorides
  • Start working out more
  • Take supplements to boost your system

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