This Is How to Get Rid of Throat Phlegm

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Throat phlegm is the dense mucus that makes you feel discomfort and cough a lot. It forms in the throat and it’s crucial to get rid of it with time because if you don’t, you will quickly start developing other health issues like bad infections and other respiratory tract issues.

That’s why for today we’ve prepared a couple of recipes for you to try out that can potentially help you out in treating throat phlegm successfully.

Since these recipes are natural, organic and good for you, there’s no reason to worry about side-effects.

Honey and Black Pepper

Get a teaspoon of honey and a bit of black pepper and mix the two in a bowl. Take this mixture twice a day for five days straight, and this is going to potentially help you out with treating the phlegm.

Honey and Grape Juice

Take two teaspoons of honey and two teaspoons of grape juice. Mix well and take the remedy about 3 times per day for about 5 days straight. This should take care of the phlegm because grape juice serves as a natural expectorant.

Lemon Juice and Onion

Take equal quantities of onion and lemon juice. Once you’ve made a nice seamless mixture, add hot water. If you want to enhance the flavor add a bit of honey and drink up. Take this remedy for about 3 days, 3 times per day.

Eucalyptus and Mint Inhalation

Add equal quantities of eucalyptus leaves as well as mint in a water bowl. Let the ingredients boil, and once it does, get a vapor and start inhaling. This is going to clean up our airways and make you feel better instantly.

Black Pepper, Salt, and Lemon

Get one lemon and cut it in half. Squeeze out the juice from the halves and add the salt and pepper. This is also going to help you out in beating the throat phlegm.

Did you find these recipes useful? Dealing with throat phlegm yourself? Make sure to tell us your ways of dealing with it in the comments section below. Also, make sure to share this post with your friends to spread awareness that this issues can be treated naturally.


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