Suppressing a Sneeze Is Extremely Dangerous, Experts Warn

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People are often extremely ashamed of having to sneeze while they’re in public. So, naturally, they started stopping themselves from sneezing. By doing this you’re leaving all of that bacteria that your system wanted to get rid of inside.

If you stop yourself from sneezing, you should know that by doing so, you’re exposing yourself from the risk of bursting your ear drums, popping blood vessels in your brain, and rupturing your throat.

We bet that you would never have thought that something so simple as stopping a sneeze can be so dangerous, right?

By stopping your sneeze, you’re actually swallowing all of that explosive force that your system has, thus, pointing it back at your system.

To Serve as an Example

To just paint the picture of how terribly dangerous and real this is the story of a 34-year-old Englishman who entered the hospital for feeling terrible pain and having a swollen neck.

The pain and swollenness appeared once he stopped himself from sneezing. All of that force that he swallowed back into his system ruptured the back of his throat.

The man was in so much pain that he could barely speak and stayed in the hospital until the swelling went down. He took antibiotics and was fed through a tube as well.

After a week of being in the hospital, he was finally discharged.

So, next time, instead of risking popping vessels in your brain, rupturing your neck, or bursting your eardrums, just let it all out and have a nice sneeze.

We live in a society where everything external is taken into consideration when making a first impression. But, you should never compromise your health and safety for the sake of not looking uncool.

Put all of that on pause next time you feel like you need to sneeze and let it out.

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