Are Vitamin B6 and B12 Supplements a Cause of Lung Cancer?

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According to a new study, the intake of vitamin B6 and B12 supplements have been connected to lung cancer. The scientists from the University of Ohio reported that men who smoke got 2-4 times higher risk of getting a lung cancer.

The research included more than 77,000 participators at the age of 56 to 70. This research examined the connection between vitamin and mineral supplements and risk of cancer. For a time of 10 years, participators gave reports about their vitamin B intake.

The results showed that men who took more than 20 milligrams of vitamin B6 or 55 mcg of B12 every day for ten years had the biggest risk. Men who were not smokers had the same risk as those who did not use supplements.  But, women showed they were not at risk.

Lung Cancer

According to Brasky, B12 injections have become very popular, and supplements claim to improve the energy and give many questionable benefits. Also, Brasky said that this information was only advertising, and it was not reliable since it is not a science.

On the other hand, a different study found contrary results. This research linked the vitamin B6 with lowering the risk of cancer. And, vitamin B12 was not connected at all to cancer.

As reported by Elizabeth Kantor, still it is not clear about the contradiction between these studies. However, focusing on vitamins B is not a prevention of cancer. As Brasky said, smoking is the main reason behind many types of cancer.

Is the Study a Proof?

It is very important to inform you that this study is just an observation, not a definite proof of cancer cause. There is another ongoing study to get the same results in a bigger group of participators.

However, no matter if there is a connection between cancer and vitamins B, the World Cancer Research Fund International recommends being aware of what kind of diet people take, and be careful with the intake of supplements.

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