12 Signs That Will Help Us Spot a Jealous Person

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It feels quite bad when we achieve something in our life, and realize that many people around us instead of feeling proud are actually jealous. Jealousy makes people show unkind feelings towards us and our success.

And, the reason behind jealousy is one’s insecurity and desire to have what we have. But, every one of us has experienced jealousy at some point in life. Anyway, we are all able to control our feelings, but we cannot control other people’s feelings.

Since it is hard to deal with jealousy, below is a list of signs that will help you notice when someone is jealous.

1. Copycat

When someone wants what you have such as your job, love life, or your dressing style, it makes them copy your behavior, dressing style, or your ideas. However, you should not let them upset you, instead, encourage them to do their own thing. And, show them that being their own person is what makes them great.

2. False Praise

Jealous people would be the first ones to give you a compliment that seems honest, but they will roll their eyes as soon as you leave. They choose to pretend they are not jealous instead of finding the reason of that.

In order to show they you are an honest person, you should give them honest compliments for their achievements.

3. Minimize Your Achievements

Jealous people will always find a way to downplay your success no matter how hard you tried to achieve your goal. They may even be rude in doing so. But, you should not pay attention because it will make them talk even more. Be humble and strict for your success.

4. They Are Happy For Your Failures

Since these people are not able to be honestly happy about your achievements, they are happy about your failures. When you fail something, they will get the mental satisfaction they need.

5. They Are Not Beside You When You Are Happy

When you are doing well in your life, these people will not be there for you. They may even ignore you as much as they can because they cannot handle your happiness. When you are happy, these people feel less important, and they decide to stay away.

6. They Are Competitive

People who are jealous always try to be competitive. That is so because they want to be the most successful, and often, they want to prove superiority. Although it may be tempting, you should refuse unhealthy competition.

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7. Gossip About You

These people will always find a place and time to gossip about you. Also, the things they say may be evil and hurtful. You should not allow yourself to focus on their negativity. Instead, you should confront them directly.

When you talk to them seriously about their behavior, they may change it.

8. They Are Always Criticizing

Jealous people see you as a person with many flaws who is just lucky. So, they feel the need to make you aware of that. Even when you have done everything in the best way you could, they will find something that is not right.

9. They Hate You

Although they may not have a reason, jealous people will always hate you. This may be a result of their wish to be like you. Being nice to them will not prevent their hatred.

10. Trying to Destroy Your Relations with Other People

An obsessive, jealous person would try to ruin your relations with people who are especially close to you. In order to make you feel lonely, these people will try to destroy your family relations, love life, and friendships.

11. They Hide Their Jealousy

These people will always hide their true feelings for you. So, when someone is happy for you, they will put on their happy face mask. They may even give you fake compliments.

12. The Worst Advisors

People who are jealous of you will always find a way to advise you something that may hurt. Also, they may try convincing you that their option is the best, but you may end up in more trouble.

After all, dealing with jealous people is not an easy task. In fact, they are jealous because of their low self-esteem, and showing them you are upset will not make the situation better.

So, you should be yourself, confront them when you need to, and try to help them overcome their issues.

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