Recipe for a Delicious Homemade Italian Limoncello

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Lemons have a unique flavor that can offer various health benefits. One lemon can have more than 24 calories without any fat. Therefore, to add some vitamin C, potassium, iron, and fiber, you should be adding lemons to your diet.

However, if you’ve been to Italy, there is no way you’ve missed the most popular and healthy drink, the Italian Limoncello.

In Sorento, Italy, lemons are one of the most important staples in food. Therefore, the Italian Limoncello is one of the most well-known product, one that people have used for generations. Families passed down the recipe from a generation to a generation.

In fact, this drink is a national drink of Italy, which you can purchase all over the country. The reason why this product is so popular is that it is a potent palate cleanser and contains all the necessary vitamins that the body needs.

Plus, it is tasty and refreshing, especially during summer. So, if you want to make your own Limoncello, make sure you store it properly in the freezer until you are ready to drink it. Besides, it is easy and cheap to make, but it will take about 80 days for it to be ready.

Italian Limoncello Recipe

Here is what you will need to make your own Italian Limoncello. But, make sure that all the lemons you purchase are organic, to get the health benefits from the drink.

  • 8 Lemon skins cut off (don’t peel them)
  • 1kg Granulated Sugar
  • 1L proof alcohol 95% (or less, depends on what you can find)
  • 1L filtered water

1. Wash the lemons properly by scrubbing the wax. With a sharp knife, carefully remove the peel. However, you should only remove the yellow part of the peel, not the white one. The reason for this is because of the white part of the peel or zest. It has a bitter taste.

So, you don’t want your Limoncello to taste awful.

2. Place them in a big container and pour the alcohol, and let them rest for 40 days. Don’t forget to shake the container sometimes.

3. Start boiling the water and add some sugar to create a syrup. After the syrup is done, let it cool down. After that, strain the lemon peels out of the mixture with a sieve and combine the two liquids. Let the mixture rest again for 40 days.

4. Now it is time for filtering. Use unbleached coffee filters or anything you think will do the job, and strain the skins. After the drink ages, filter again and put the Limoncello in a freezer to store it. Your drink is now ready. Enjoy!

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Note: This drink contains sugars, so it is not meant for people who have serious health conditions.

Here is a video for a more detailed explanation.

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