Reasons to Eat More Mangoes and the Best Way to Consume Them

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The latest surveys and studies have confirmed that mangoes are one of the most widely used and nutrient-rich fruits on our planet. That’s why many people call the King of the Fruits. These fruits are rich in vitamin E, C, and A, as well as in B-complex.

They also contain useful flavonoids like alpha-carotene and beta-carotene. Mangos are often recommended due to their anti-cancer properties. They are known as a preventive food against colon, lung, oral, blood, prostate and breast cancer.

A few studies have indicated that these fruits can help the prevention of heart disease, kidney disease, strokes, respiratory diseases, cognitive disorders, and arthritis. They can aid the body’s effort to alkalinize itself by supporting detoxification and restoring the alkali accumulation in the system.

Mangos are loaded with enzymes and they act as a prebiotic food. In other words, they are a rich source of substances that support good bacteria in the intestines and make them thrive. This is great for proper absorption of nutrients and digestion in general.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that mangos are packed with pyridoxine or B6. This compound is crucial for dopamine and serotonin synthesis in the brain. Additionally, pyridoxine is important for hormonal balance and immune function and for the processing of proteins, fats, and sugars.

Mangos are believed to be helpful in cases of insomnia and they support good night’s sleep. There are countries where mangos are consumed before bedtime to stimulate good sleep.

These fruits are able to lower the level of bad (LDL) cholesterol. This is quite natural because they contain vitamin C, pectin, and fiber.

Mangos are great for eye vision and help people avoid night blindness and very dry eyes. There is no doubt that this exotic fruit can also promote skin health and it is often used for bringing back the natural glow of the largest organ in the human body (the skin).

Mangos are definitely a very versatile fruit and they can be part of savory and sweet recipes too.

You can use mango in salads, smoothies, salsa, vegetable dishes and mixed with avocado. It seems that spices are a good match for mango too.

Try using curry, cinnamon, chili pepper and cloves to test this.

Use a mango pudding in the morning and at night to feel the healing benefits of mango. Simply use a blender to blend between two and four ripe mangos (remove the pit and peel) to get a smooth and creamy mixture.

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Put the mixture in a bowl and use some fresh berries on top. You can choose any mango variety you want – Keitt, Kent, Champagne, Tommy Atkins, Ataulfo or Yellow.

Keep in mind that some of these mango varieties are creamy and sweet while others are very bright and quite juicy. Consider all the possibilities you have to include mangoes in your daily diet.

Source: Medical Medium Blog

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