10 Reasons To Have a Beer Right Now

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Beer is an alcoholic beverage, and many people love it. It goes well with many meals, especially in Europe and North America. But, what makes beer different from the other alcoholic beverages?

Well, beer contains a hefty amount of vitamin B and protein, more than wine does. Plus, it has the same antioxidant properties as the wine. Furthermore, beer is rich in powerful antioxidants and flavonoids. Also, it is a great course of certain minerals that play a crucial role in our metabolism.

So, if you consume beer in moderation, it can surely boost your health in countless ways.

10 Health Benefits of Beer

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should have a beer right now.

1. Healthy Kidneys

Drinking beer can keep your kidneys healthy. A recent study concluded that drinking beer can improve the kidney’s health and even reduce the chance of developing kidney stones by up to 40%.

2. Contains Vitamin B

We all know the importance of vitamin B. Many experts recommend drinking beer since it can provide all the vitamin B we need. Besides, beer contains B2, B1, B6, and B12 vitamins. So, if you want to avoid vitamin B deficiency, drink beer.

Furthermore, according to experts, people who drink more beer have a 30% higher levels of vitamin B6 than the people who drink wine. So, it is a great idea to drink beer.

3. Strengthens the Bones

A few beers a day can strengthen your bones, claims a study at Tufts University. The people who drank beer had a 4.5% better bone density than the non-drinkers. So, as the study claims, drinking beer might even be beneficial for preventing joint pain and fractures.

4. Protects the Heart

Wine is not the only beverage that can boost the cardiovascular health.

Beer is also a heart-healthy beverage that can reduce the chance of developing cardiovascular diseases. According to Italian researchers, people who consumed beer in moderate amount had a 42% lower risk of developing heart diseases.

Of course, to obtain these benefits, you shouldn’t overdrink. Instead, you should consume beer in moderation. So, pick up a glass and toast to your health.

5. Good for the Skin

Beer can make the skin look younger and more beautiful. Isn’t this great? According to experts, beer contains a huge amount of vitamins which can be beneficial for skin regeneration and can have a positive effect on the pigmentation.

As a result, the skin can look smoother and healthier.

6. Prevents Infection

A drink or two per day can highly improve your immune system. So, the beer can make you less prone to infections, according to the Oregon Health & Science University. To conclude these results, scientists used a vaccine on monkeys, against smallpox, which had the same effects as the beer.

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In the end, they decided that the results were positive. However, that is not the same case as the monkeys who drank a lot. Therefore, it is obvious that consuming a lot of beer won’t have the same health benefits.

7. Makes You Smarter

Drinking beer can boost your creativity, claims a study published in the journal Consciousness and Cognition. According to that study, the men who drank beer had a 0.75% to solve problems easier than the people who didn’t drink beer at all.

8. Prevents Type 2 Diabetes

As Dutch researchers, who analyzed 38,000 men, claim the men who drank beer in moderation for more than four years but didn’t get drunk, had a small chance of preventing type 2 diabetes. However, the men who drank an excessive amount of beer were more prone to developing this disease.

Therefore, moderation is the key.

9. Lowers Blood Pressure

According to a Harvard study, people who consume beer in moderation have a lower chance of developing high blood pressure. And since high blood pressure can cause a huge variety of health problems, drinking beer can prove useful for decreasing the chance of hypertension.

10. Faster Recovery

As Spanish study claims, people who drank a bit of beer after a workout were slightly more hydrated than the people who only had water. Therefore, drinking beer can boost the workout recovery and keep us healthy.

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