5 Signs You May Be A Psychic Intuitive

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Have you ever witnessed someone accurately predict the future without any prior knowledge or facts about a situation? If so, you might have come in contact with a psychic intuitive. While research is scant regarding psychic abilities, you can read countless stories online about people who seemed to know about an event before it happened.

For example, in an article on Oprah.com, one woman’s frightening dreams led her to schedule a doctor’s appointment because she felt something was wrong. Her psychic abilities and intuition literally saved her life; it turned out that she had colon cancer, despite the doctors finding nothing wrong with her bloodwork.

After having several dreams where dozens of frail, ghostly looking people stood across from her at a barbed-wire fence, Trisha Coburn felt a sense of overwhelming foreboding. Finally, after the fifth dream where she heard a voice say, “Look deeper,” she scheduled a colonoscopy at her doctor’s office even though she had no history of colon cancer and no symptoms.

During this visit, they discovered a black mass in her colon. The cancer was aggressive and the gastroenterologist told her that if she had waited just a couple months, Trisha would’ve had little chance at survival.

Even if you haven’t had such a life-altering experience, you might use your psychic and intuitive abilities every day and not even realize it.

Here Are 5 Signs You May Be A Psychic Intuitive:

1. You’Re Highly Empathetic.

Despite all the negativity going on in the world, you help people stay positive by giving them a safe place to run to when they need shelter. You can feel what someone else feels just by standing next to them or reading their body language.

This ability might drain you because you take on the emotions of others, but you have an incredible gift. You can relate well to people because you’re highly emotional and deeply care about how other people feel. When you can sit down and listen to someone’s story without interrupting or getting bored, other people trust you with their problems and deepest secrets.

2. You Make Decisions Based On Emotions Rather Than Logic.

“I believe in intuitions and inspirations … [and] sometimes feel that I am right. I do not know that I am.” – Albert Einstein

Intuitive people rely on their gut instincts rather than analytical thinking when making decisions. They gather information based on abstract concepts rather than the real world around them.

You will rarely meet a psychic person who thrives on logic and what is. Intuitive people get excited by what could be. They live inside their minds and construct a world based on their dreams. They may not always know how to transform those dreams into reality, but they firmly believe in the concepts they’ve created.

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If you tend to make decisions based on gut instincts instead of concrete facts, you might be a psychic intuitive.

3. You Need More Alone Time Than The Average Person.

Psychic people need time to work on their gifts away from the chaos and hectic pace of modern life. They tune into their higher selves in solitude, which helps them to perfect their craft and help others when necessary. Intuitive people know the value of positive thinking, but unfortunately, all the negativity in the world can easily bring them down because of their sensitivity.

So, if you enjoy spending time alone more than being in crowds, you probably have psychic abilities.

4. You Feel Like You Don’T Belong Here.

Somehow you just feel like you don’t relate to the cruel world out there. You see what’s below the surface and know that many people suffer due to the world we have constructed. So, you don’t really see the point in trying to fit in to an unjust, uncivilized, corrupt world. Sure, you relate to how people feel, but not the processes and concepts that make them feel this way. You desperately want to create a new world based on love and acceptance for all, but getting there seems impossible sometimes.

If your intuition is screaming at you that something is greatly amiss here, then you’re probably right.

5. Large Crowds And Noise Make You Anxious.

Usually, psychic intuitive people feel greatly imbalanced in chaotic environments. They thrive in peaceful, quiet places, which explains why many of them work from home or spend time out among nature whenever possible. It takes a toll on them every time they go out somewhere, so intuitive people must take time to recharge and decompress from their day.

Final Thoughts

If you are psychic intuitive, you are needed on this planet now more than ever. Empathetic, sensitive people can help us heal as a collective and usher in a new, more loving, world. Being highly emotional and empathetic is not a curse; it is a great gift that can help others feel less alone and more understood. If you can feel energy and go by your intuition to make decisions, you have psychic abilities that you can use to guide yourself and others in this life.



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