This Is Why You Should Never Wear Your Shoes Indoors

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There are two types of households around the world. There are the ones who wear their shoes both indoors and outside, and there are the ones who take their shoes off once they get home no matter what. What type of household did you grow up in?

There is new research roaming the internet telling us how dangerous wearing your shoes inside can actually be. Researchers took a sample of a person’s shoes and found out that there were actually half a million different types of bacteria on them!

Would you still wear your shoes inside after coming home from work?

In addition to all of this, you are going to be shocked to find out that one of the bacteria found on the shoes was indeed, E. Coli. Yes, you read that right. The symptoms these bacteria triggers are intestinal problems, urinary tract infections, diarrhea, etc. You could go through all of this trouble just because you didn’t take your shoes off once you got home.

Clostridium Difficile

Another bacteria that can be found all over your shows is the one mentioned above. This bacteria is so dangerous it can actually trigger a life-threatening colon inflammation. You can find it just about everywhere – fast food chains, parks, commercial stores.

The symptoms include a swollen abdomen and dehydration.

How to Avoid Contamination

Basically, never wear your shoes indoors. But it doesn’t really all come to that. Make sure that you have an area in your hallway or wherever else in your home where you can store your shoes. Making sure your shoes and feet are clean are very important as well. If anything, take an antibacterial wipe and go over your favorite pair after coming home. Taking regular showers where you wash your feet with soap is incredibly important too.

Good luck!

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