What Is Your Sign? 12 Native American Zodiacs and Their Meaning

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The Native American tribes have a strong spiritual connection with nature. Nature plays a major role in their lives. Plus, they celebrate and honor life whether it is an animal or a human life. They observe the fauna and flora, and they respect it.

When it comes to astrology, the Native Americans assign animal totems to people who are born in a certain period. Moreover, they associate every person with certain traits that they might share with the animal symbol.

Here are all of the signs and their meanings. Find out which one is your birth animal.

Otter: January 20th – February 18th

Otters are very intuitive and like to search for things that are outside the box. Therefore, they can be very creative and friendly. However, they look differently at life. This makes them very unique compared to other signs.



Because of their nature, they like to try out new things and new experiences. But, they are not afraid to do so. As a result, people consider them reckless and foolish. However, that is not the case. Their nature will eventually lead them to the right path.

Even though otters are detached from society and rebellious due to their unique perception of life, they can still be excellent companions and friends. The reason for this is because otters devote themselves completely and are very sensitive.

But, the reason why they avoid attaching themselves to society is that they want to live life on their own terms.

  • Compatible with: deer, raven, and falcon
  • Colors: Silver
  • Ideal day: Saturday


Wolf: February 29th – March 20th

Wolves are far from dangerous and lonely, as most people believe they are. Instead, they are caring, lovable, and generous people. They want to be surrounded by people who they trust, due to their clan-like ideal.

However, a slight change of energy, whether it is negative or positive, can easily influence them. That is why wolves usually bother and focus on other peoples’ problems. But, their strong connection to their loved ones, or in this case the pack, is very powerful.

Therefore, they will never forgive anyone who might try to hurt them. Moreover, when it comes to spirituality, the wolf always tries to find the meaning of life. So, anything sad that might happen to their loved ones can devastate him.

That is why wolves sacrifice themselves for the family. In addition, they are very revengeful, impractical and don’t want to change authority. But, their generosity and devotion, makes them an ideal partner.

  • Compatible with: snake, woodpecker, and brown bear
  • Colors: Green, Blue
  • Ideal Day: Thursday

Falcon: March 21st – April 19th

Falcons are born leaders. They are tense and pragmatic and hate wasting time. As a result, they always focus on their goal and try to grab every opportunity. Furthermore, they are not afraid to speak about their opinions at any given time.

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However, sometimes falcons brag too much about their achievements. On top of that, they lack patience, are vain, rude and touchy. But, their sharp mind can get them out of any sticky situation.

  • Compatible with: Owl and salmon
  • Colors: green, yellow
  • Ideal day: Tuesday

Beaver: April 20th – May 20th

Beavers always construct strategies to get out of troubles or problematic situations. So, they want to create a safe place for themselves. However, beavers believe that if they have expensive possessions, they can live comfortably.

In addition, they hate limitations, are stubborn, and don’t like taking any risks. However, they are excellent providers. Therefore, they focus on providing their family with the emotional and materialistic needs they need.

Furthermore, they are loyal and helpful to their partners. But, since beavers can be ambitious, they think they are in charge and can often get into trouble. Plus, they get nervous, cowardly, and desperate if they want to take absolute control.

On top of that, beavers don’t forgive, which makes them scheming and resentful.

  • Compatible with: goose, brown bear, or woodpecker
  • Colors: blue, yellow
  • Ideal day: Friday

Deer: May 21st – June 20th

Deer are creative, inspiring, and humorous. They love making people laugh. Also, they are great talkers, the center of attention and the first ones to go to parties. Furthermore, they are concerned with even the simplest details that to some people might seem pointless.

However, at times, deer can be self-absorbed, but people can get along with them easily. Therefore, they can be very inspiring for any relationship. Moreover, they have a nurturing personality, but at times, they can appear, lazy, moody or even have double standards.

  • Compatible with: otter or raven
  • Colors: blue, yellow
  • Ideal day: Wednesday

Woodpecker: June 21st – July 21st

Woodpeckers create the perfect home for their offspring. They want to provide their loved ones with anything they need. Also, they can be overprotective but are the perfect listeners and supporters. The reason for this lies in their understanding and loving nature.

On top of that, woodpeckers are very patient and absolutely devoted to their loved ones. As a result, they will shower them with love. But, sometimes they can be jealous and very sensitive. Furthermore, they like to function in a safe environment.

However, an unsuccessful or unsatisfied woodpecker can intrude in other people’s business without realizing they have crossed their boundaries. As a result, they can be angry, resentful, possessive, and jealous.

  • Compatible with: beaver, wolf, and snake
  • Colors: Pink
  • Ideal day: Monday
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Salmon: July 22nd – August 21st

Salmons are exceptionally creative, energetic, intuitive, and very focused. They love motivating people because they are confident in themselves. As a result, they are enthusiastic, intelligent, and generous. That is why many people want to hang out with salmons.

  • Compatible with: falcon, owl
  • Colors: red
  • Ideal day: Saturday

Bear: August 22nd – September 21st

Bears focus on finding a practical rather than a theoretical solution to their problems. They are very sensible and realistic. As a result, they are stable, generous, and have a huge heart. Even though most people don’t believe, but bears can be very modest and shy.

If surrounded by a loving and calm environment, bears can shower people with love and generosity. And their ability for patience makes them excellent mentors and teachers.

  • Compatible with: beaver, goose
  • Colors: purple, brown
  • Ideal day: Wednesday

Raven: September 22nd – October 22nd

Ravens are natural charmers and entrepreneurs. They are great business organizers and owners since they are capable of taking huge financial risks. However, everyone can rely and depend on them due to their energy.

Furthermore, ravens are very idealistic and plan their time. If a raven is surrounded by a loving environment, they can be very romantic, soft-talking, easy going, patient, and intuitive.

  • Compatible with: deer, otter
  • Colors: brown, blue
  • Ideal day: Friday

Snake: October 23rd – November 22nd

Snakes can be great spiritual leaders who can excel in the medical professions. However, they can be very secretive and dark. But, that doesn’t define them. Instead, if they are in a positive environment, snakes can be very sensitive, caring, inspiring, helpful, and humorous.

  • Compatible with: wolf, woodpecker
  • Colors: orange, violet
  • Ideal day: Tuesday

Owl: November 23rd – December 21st

The owl can easily adapt to new situation. Also, they are warm, natural and easygoing. As a result, they can be excellent friends. Furthermore, they face life head on and love adventures. Owls can be great teachers and artists.

Moreover, they are great speakers due to their adaptability and diversity. In addition, they can excel in any occupation.

  • Compatible with: salmon, falcon
  • Colors: black, gold
  • Ideal day: Thursday

Goose: December 22nd – January 19th

Goose can complete anything. They are very ambitious and strive for accomplishments. This makes them perfect for any competitive business or sport. On top of that, the goose never gives up. Also, they can be very passionate, romantic, and sensual.

  • Compatible with: Raven, beaver, brown bear
  • Colors: silver, white
  • Ideal day: Saturday

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