The Military Diet Plan That Will Help You Lose Weight in a Week

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The military diet involves three days in one week in which you have strict meal schedule, and then you take four days off. In those four days, you should eat healthy food and keep your consumptions of calories on a low level.

You are supposed to lose up to ten pounds on a weekly basis. Until you reach your weight goal, you only repeat the cycle. Military diet can be found under other names such as the army diet, navy diet or ice-cream diet.

The social networks offer us many photos from before the diet, and after. The results are incredible and often seem impossible.

People who use military diet, have 1,100-1,400 calories intake a day. They consume foods that burn fat such as bananas, hot dogs, tuna, and toast. The question is if this is a healthy diet? Read on to find out.

Military 3-day Meal Plan

First Day

Calories – about 1,400.

For breakfast, you have a piece of toast, 2 tbsps. of peanut butter, and half of a grapefruit.

Lunchtime includes a piece of toast, ½ cup of tuna.

For dinner, you get 85 grams of meat and one cup green beans. Then, one small apple, and half of a banana. Also, you get a cup of vanilla ice-cream.

Second Day

Calories – about 1,200

For breakfast in the morning, you eat a piece of toast, an egg that is hard-boiled, and half of a banana.

Your lunch is 1 egg that is hard-boiled, a cup of cottage cheese, and 5 saltine crackers.

For dinner, you have two hot dogs with no bun, ½ cup of carrots and ½ cup of broccoli. Also, you get half of one banana and ½ cup of ice-cream vanilla flavored.

Third Day

Calories – around 1,100

Breakfast time includes 28gr. (1 oz) of cheddar cheese, 5 saltine crackers, and a small apple.

Lunchtime includes a piece of toast, an egg (cook it however you prefer).

Dinner time includes 1 cup of tuna, half of a banana, and one cup ice-cream vanilla flavored.

Note: You are able to drinks as much coffee or tea as you want, but do not add sugar or other extra calories. Use Stevia as a sweetener. Also, you should drink plenty of water.

After every breakfast and lunch drink a cup of coffee or tea if you prefer.

For the rest of your four days, you should limit your calorie intake up to 1,500 a day, and do exercises.

Permitted Foods

People who have dietary restrictions, for instance, those who are allergic to peanuts can substitute the peanut butter with almond butter. Or, if someone is a vegetarian can take almonds instead of tuna. Nonetheless, you have to keep to the same number of calories that the diet requires.

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Is Military Diet Healthy?

According to Gomer, there are no scientific proves that military diet meal combinations have some secret. He says that if you combine different foods with the same number of calories, you can also lose weight.

That is so because your calorie intake is lower than the number of calories you are burning throughout the day. There is no secret behind the combination of grapefruit and peanut butter that will help you lose weight.

Gomer continues with explaining that military diet can get you hungry despite the ice-cream. He says that this is not a healthy diet because you will not feel full and you will not keep your weight after cutting off the diet.

Additionally, if you decide to follow this diet program, you may get problems due to the insufficient nutrients. And, junk food should not be on the menu of your regular diet. Unfortunately, the diet cannot change your eating habits, so you will not be able to keep the same weight.

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