Mercury’s First Retrograde Of 2019 Is Almost Here, And It’s Going To Be Pure Chaos

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There were many retrogrades throughout 2018 and while 2019 doesn’t hold quite that many, the ones it is going to have are going to hit each of us very hard. Mercury will be going retrograde on March 5th and that is going to throw everything out of whack, big time.

While it is only mid-January right now, we should all be preparing for the chaos to come. Mercury will be retrograding from March 5th until March 28th and doing-so in Pisces. Mercury is the planet that rules over communication and when it is retrograding misunderstandings and conflict will arise.

This retrograde occurring in Pisces is going to be making a lot of things difficult for all of us. Work will become much more stressful and arguments in our current relationships will go quite unresolved. Mercury will be retrograding a total of three times this year, so it is going to be wreaking a lot of havoc in our lives. Nothing will feel as if it is going right and you will feel as if even the smallest tasks are becoming quite impossible.

You’re going to be feeling as if you’re being pulled in all possible directions and unable to figure things out. You will be quite confused and chances are, you’re going to be facing a lot of inner turmoil. If you allow these energies to work for you they will do their best to really throw you off kilter. They are without a doubt not easy to face.

Cafe Astrology wrote as follows in regards to the effects Mercury retrograde tends to have:

As the planet of communication, Mercury retrograde tends to breed a certain level of confusion. Mercury rules our “lower” mind–how we perceive and interpret information that we receive from our environment, and how we relay that information to others. Mercury has rulership over such things as speaking, negotiating, buying and selling, listening, formal contracts, documents, travel, the mail and shipping, and so forth. All of these areas of life are affected when Mercury is functioning in a sluggish state. Decision-making is challenged during Mercury retrograde.

Needless to say, it is not advised to sign contracts, engage in important decision-making, or launch a new business. Delays and challenges are more probable with Mercury retrograde. It’s a time when being careless with money, our personal information, or paperwork can be costly.

While Mercury is retrograde, we may be rethinking a previous opinion or idea. Looking to the signs and houses it transits can give clues as to what we may be reconsidering.

That all being said, the retrograde of Mercury isn’t all bad. It has some good qualities as well. During the time that Mercury is retrograding, we all see things in a new light. We might uncover things we’ve been meaning to come to terms with and begin to make sense of things that we otherwise would not be able to even if we can’t quite get our point across just yet. We will be much more aware and willing to move forward in new ways during this time.

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Mercury retrograde is one we can never be prepared for enough. The closer it gets, the more intense the energies before us become. This is a very crucial time for you to reflect on the past and really work to learn from the things you’ve done in the past few months. It will allow you to really have a moment to yourself in which you can really work within.

While March might feel like a long time ago, it’s not that far from now. The more aware you are of the energies the more prepared for them you can be.


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