24 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know about Left-Handed People!

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Although medical specialists are still unable to determine the exact reason why some individuals are left-handed, a study conducted not while ago has shown a connection between this phenomenon and our genes and environment.

Obviously, these specialists have not found a group of genes present only in left-handed people, but they have concluded that the number of left-handed people is usually higher in a family of left-handed individuals.

In addition, they have also discovered that the writings in the brain of left-handed individuals are different compared to right-handed individuals. Due to the fact the lefties have to adjust to the world of right-handed people, they tend to be more independent.

The following is a list of 24 interesting facts related to left-handed individuals that you probably didn’t know:

1. The majority of left-handed individuals utilize the right side of the brain.

2. The word left has its origin in the Anglo-Saxon language. It comes from the word “ lyft ” which literally means weak or broken.

3. Between 5% and 10% of the people in the world are left-handed.

4. For some reason, left-handed individuals can adapt to see and operate underwater easier than right-handed individuals.

5. Lefties are usually good at sports including baseball, tennis, boxing, and swimming.

6. In fact, over 40% of the best tennis players in the world are left-handed.

7. Left-handed people typically enter puberty later – about 5 months later compared to right-handed people.

8. Several studies have shown that college graduate lefties usually become more than 25% richer compared to right-handed graduates.

9. Out of the last 8 presidents of the USA, 5 were left-handed.

10. Left-handed people have 3% more chances to become alcohol addicts.

11. In many animals, including rats, mice and cats, the number of right and left pawedness is equal.

12. One astronaut of Apollo space missions, out of four, was left-handed.

13. In a standard hand positioning, these are the longest word which can be typed with the help of the left hand – dresses, sweater and tesserae decades.

14. Scientific studies have confirmed that left-handed individuals are usually better at math, spatial awareness and architecture. But, right-handed individuals have better verbal skills.

15. A scientific study conducted a few years ago has confirmed that lefties are processing emotions in a different way compared to righties. On top of that, they tend to get angry much faster.

16. There is a special left-handers day – August 13th.

17. These individuals have a higher risk of insomnia.

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18. In the past, left-handedness was considered to be a bad thing. People have linked left-handedness to rebellion, nasty habits, homosexuality, a mark of the devil, neurosis and even with criminality. But, even back then, some people believed that this a sign of musical skills and creativity.

19. Pregnant women over 40, have almost 130% higher chance of giving birth to a leftie than women pregnant in their 20s.

20. The latest statistics have shown that there are over 30 million left-handed individuals in the United States.

21. According to medical experts, when left-handed people witness an injury to their dominant hand, they usually learn to use the other hand quicker than right-handed people.

22. Many of the most wanted and most vicious killers in the world were left-handed – Osama Bin Laden, the Boston Strangler and Jack the Ripper.

23. It turns out that this is a family trait. For example, many members of the British Royal Family like Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William and Queen Mother are left-handed.

24. A scientific study has shown that left-handed individuals are more prone to asthma and allergies.

Source: Healthy Life Tricks

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