If You Suffer From Knee, Foot, or Hip Pain, Do These 6 Exercises to Kill It

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Knee pain affects over 25% of people in the USA, and it is the second largest cause of chronic pain in the country.  Moreover, millions of people face difficulties due to minor injuries and fatigue.

According to The Conservation:

“Physical activity is important for good health and is prescribed by doctors to treat a range of diseases, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease. But many people don’t follow this advice because of aching joints and the fear that exercise may harm these joints.”


“If you take up exercise later in life, as a treatment for joint or hip pain, you should expect a small, temporary increase in pain. But if you proceed sensibly, you will be rewarded with pain relief similar to that of a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, such as ibuprofen, and twice that of a non-prescription painkiller, such as paracetamol. In fact, the pain relief from taking up exercise is large enough that many people put their knee or hip surgery on hold.”

The following exercises will effectively treat these issues, soothe the knee, hip, and foot pain, and improve the quality of everyday life:

Toe walking

This simple exercise will strengthen the feet balls and calves, Stand on the toes and walk thus for 15 minutes.

Heel Raises

To strengthen the knee muscles and ankles, lift a leg on a chair, bending the knee, and then raise the heel of the other leg to bring the heel down. Make 15 repetitions.

Toe games

Curl the toes while standing upright, and try to grab the floor.

Walking on balls

Sit on a chair, put one foot over a tennis ball on the floor, and push it all over the feet for a 10-minute massage.

Resistance band

To strengthen the outer thigh muscles and the calves, fix a resistance band around a chair, place one leg underneath the other, and bend the knee. Grab the bend with the toes of the leg on top,  and bend back towards the head. Then, go back to the starting position, and make 15 repetitions.

Ankle circles

Elevate the foot off the floor, and rotate it at the feet for 10 times inwards and outwards. Repeat for a few times per leg.

To relieve hip and knee pain, you should also try foot massage and acupressure. This will relax the feet and the entire body and significantly reduce the pain and discomfort.



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