Himalayan Salt Block: The Ultimate Safe Cookware – 100% Natural

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The benefits of the Himalayan salt blocks are numerous. They are the safest, 100% natural cooking method you can use.

This salt is considered to be the purest and healthiest salt in the world, Known as “pink gold”, it comes from the Himalayan mountains and has been used since ancient times.

A Himalayan salt block is a big piece of pink salt, which has been carved by hand and made into a plate. It is a rich source of important minerals like zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, and manganese, and more than 84 trace minerals needed by our body, which can be easily absorbed and metabolized by the human cells.

When heated, the Himalayan salt block can be used for cooking for many hours, over the gas stove, on the grill, in the oven, or on an electric stove.  Food cooked on a Himalayan salt block has a distinctive taste since it provides just the right amount of flavor. 

Yet, they usually need about 45 minutes to heat and can get very hot, so always use high-temperature oven mitts. You should heat them slowly at a rate of 15 minutes per low/medium/high setting, and they need to be cookware-graded blocks.

According to Wellness Mama:

“ Heating a salt block too quickly can cause it to crack or otherwise break, but if cared for correctly it will last a really long time. It is especially important to heat a salt block carefully, especially the first few times it is used. This ensures the strength of the salt block over the long term and improves it as a cooking surface. “


“The most important things to know when cooking on a salt block are:

The block must be fully heated before using– A block that is not hot enough will actually over-salt and undercook food (not a good combination).

Fast-cooking foods are best– You wouldn’t want to make a roast or any foods that take a long time to cook on a salt block. Typically, the faster the food cooks, the better it works on a salt block. Steak and thin cuts of meat work well. Seafood is another good option and quicker cooking vegetables like asparagus and zucchini are also great.

Don’t use oil on the block– The oil will work itself into cracks in the salt and eventually go rancid if it doesn’t catch fire first while you are grilling/cooking.

Keep on cooking– Once you preheat the block, you can cook on it for several hours. Plan to cook your whole meal and dessert on the salt block to maximize its use. Create a hibachi night on the salt block or grill steaks and veggies.”

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As soon as you start using it a Himalayan salt block, you will definitely fall in love, since it is a fun and versatile way to cook your meals and enrich their flavor!


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