4 Herbs and Essential Oils That Can Help Reset Your Hormones

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If you get the chance and have enough enthusiasm to seek for the alternatives when it comes to medicine, it honestly is always the best route to opt out for. So many doctors actually prefer to tell their patients that there are alternative ways to get treatment as well.

This is why for today we’ve found out about these five herbs and essential oils that can potentially help you promote proper hormone health.

Hormones are of incredible importance for your system because not only are they responsible for so many crucial human functions like sleeping and eating, without them, you cannot continue on living.

If interested in these herbs and oils, proceed reading down below.

Holy Basil – Lower Anxiety

Are you struggling with anxiety? It’s never an easy thing to go through. Sometimes it’s even harder to explain the entire condition to people. Have you ever tried reducing and balancing out your anxiety by using natural remedies?

There is lots of research out there claiming that holy basil can help you treat anxiety because it balances out the levels of cortisol in your system. Go to a local herb shop and ask your local healer about how basil can help you.

Clary Sage – Healthy Menopause

There is research out there claim that clary sage can also help you decrease the levels of cortisol in your system as well. Inhaling sage oil can help you make menopause a lot more bearable. There are lots of sources on the internet written by women who have been through similar experiences. It’s worth checking them out.

Sandalwood – Reduce Stress

There is research out there claiming that people who have been under lots of stress have taken sandalwood and have felt a lot better. It maybe is a good idea to go and speak to your local healer about the possibilities of taking sandalwood to reduce the levels of stress in your system.

Myrtle – Improve Sleep

Interestingly enough there is research out there about myrtle being able to help you out with improving the quality of your sleep. Scientists have actually tested this out and on lab rats, and it proved to be successful.

Not only that, but Myrtle can also help you lower your anxiety levels as well.

Good luck!

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