This Herb Destroys Strep, Herpes, Candida and Flu Virus

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The mint family of herbs is probably one of the most widely acclaimed, and powerful herbs that nature has given us. Probably the most powerful of them all in this family is thyme. This herb comes from the Mediterranean areas.

People have been using thyme for an entire array of health benefits for generations. Lots even claim that it can eliminate harmful bacteria and benefit your system thanks to its anti-inflammatory features.

We strongly recommend using thyme oil for consumption. You should also have in mind that when you do purchase some thyme to consume, make sure you’re not getting the thyme that is only for aromatherapy purposes.

Thyme can help your system to stimulate and promote the production of white blood cells. The word thyme comes from “thymos,” which means “perfume” in Greek.

If you’re interested in the benefits this herb provides, scroll down below!


Thyme can help you fight bronchitis, coughs, a sore throat, asthma, respiratory infections, laryngitis, and many more.

We recommend using thyme through inhalation. This is the best method, especially if you are having issues with your throat., chest, and nose. But, if you are going through some bad gingivitis or thrushes, you should make mouthwash or buy a thyme-based toothpaste.

There’s lots of research out there claiming that even just the bare minimum of a 1% solution can benefit you positively. If you want a stronger effect, you should mix the herb with some other essential oils.

Another trait that you get from thyme consumption is the promotion of promotion of proper functioning of the mind. You can use this herb to help soothe your anxiety.

It can also calm your mind so that you can fall asleep more easily, so if you’re having trouble falling asleep, you should consider consuming thyme.

Some other ways you can benefit from using thyme

  • Help treat candida and vaginitis
  • Treat nail fungi
  • Sanitize hands
  • Helps treat athletes foot
  • Promotes a faster injury treatment

Good luck!

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