16 Health Facts About Coffee to Never Ignore

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Statistics by the coffee market in the United States show that it’s the widely consumed beverage. On average Americans spend up to $40 billion to get this morning pick-me-up coffee each year. The average consumption per day accumulates to 1.6 billion cups.

Despite this high consumption, the health impact of coffee has been a debatable fact for a long time now. Coffee lovers advocate for the drink by citing its antioxidant activity.

Scientists believe that the long-term controversial debate is far from over. The current wave of scientific evidence shows that coffee brings about more health benefits than anticipate before. Having said all that, here are sixteen facts you might not know about the benefits of drinking coffee.

16 Facts You Might Not Know About The Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

1 – By Drinking Your Favorite Beverage, You Get Healthful Antioxidants

Raw beans contain up to 1000 antioxidants. Beside more antioxidants develop during the processing and roasting procedures. Scientific evidence shows that coffee has more antioxidants when compared with beverages like tea or cocoa.

The health benefits of antioxidants include equipping the body to fight inflammation. Therefore, drinking a cup, a day reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as arthritis and atherosclerosis. Antioxidants are also essential in neutralizing moving radical that originate from the body metabolic functions. The neutralizing process helps reduce the risks of cell damage in the body.

Besides, coffee contains an essential acid known as chlorogenic acid. The acid is another important antioxidant that protects the body from cardiovascular disease.

2 – It Provides A Short-Term Memory Boost

Caffeine can boost your short-term memory. Scientific research on the effect of coffee shows a slight surge in brain activity, especially a few minutes after drinking coffee.

When you drink coffee, caffeine goes to the section of the brain that is responsible for short term memory. According to that research, it boosts your short-term memory and enhances your concentration acuity. Thus, neurologists encourage you to drink coffee when your memory and concentration levels are still at their peak.

3 – Drinking Coffee Helps Prevent Cognitive Decline

This drink inhibits the accumulation of beta-amyloid plaque in your body. Therefore, it can prevent the onset of diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. Regular drinking of coffee can also prevent the onset and other types of dementia too.

Research shows that amyloid-beta plaque is associated with the advent of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Researchers encourage people to drink between 3-5 cups of jave every day to aid in preventing dementia.

4 – Drinking Coffee Is Good For The Heath Of Your Heart

Despite the downside of caffeine, coffee is good for a healthy heart. Detractors of drinking it point out that it can increase breathing rate and heartbeats. However, the beverage has essential antioxidants that are essential for the strength of the arterial walls.

For example, those coffee drinkers get many anti-inflammatory benefits. So, overall, coffee lowers the risk of heart disease eventually. It helps support your cardiovascular health by preventing arterial damage that may occur due to inflammation.

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5 – Drinking Coffee Can Help In Curbing Certain Types Of Cancers

Coffee contains essential Polyphenols, antioxidant phytochemicals that are anticarcinogenic. People who drink coffee at least once in a day have demonstrated lower risks and rates of cancer.

For instance, men that drink coffee lower the risk of the onset of aggressive prostate cancer. Coffee also reduces the risk of endometrial cancer in women. The antioxidants reduce the inflammation that is responsible for the onset of some tumors

6 – Your Daily Java Reduces The Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes

Drinking coffee can help you keep diabetes at bay. Scientific evidence shows that those drinking cover lower the risks of diabetes. The caffeine present in coffee affects different metabolic functions that are responsible for causing diabetes.

For example, coffee improves the use of insulin in your blood. It protects the insulin-producing cells to enable effective regulation of blood sugar level at all times. The drink also reduces the inflammatory effect of type 2 cancer. Also, the presence of caffeic acid in your coffee protects you from toxic accumulation of amyloid fibrils present in the blood of people with type 2 diabetes.

7 – Drinking Coffee Is Good For Your Liver

Drinking your daily java curbs the risk of liver damage. Alcoholics are encouraged to drink coffee to lower the risks of alcoholic cirrhosis.

Compounds in this beverage help in lowering the levels of liver enzymes. Typically, people with a high level of liver enzymes have an inflamed and damaged liver. Coffee reverses this damage by reducing the level of liver enzymes.

8 –  Enhances Your Endurance During Exercise

Exercise and fitness experts encourage you to drink coffee pre- and post-workout. Java is essential in helping you exercise for longer periods. It battles fatigue and improves your resilience to exercise.

Most people refer to caffeine as an endurance enhancer. You will need a cup of coffee before you head into an exercise that requires muscle strength and contraction. Caffeine supports muscle endurance and reduces muscle pain. It increases fatty acids in the blood to give the energy to endure longer exercise.

9 – Drinking Coffee Helps Curbs Depression

Drinking coffee is another non-prescription method of dealing with depression. You should consider a cup of coffee every morning.

Scientific studies show that caffeine present in your coffee is responsible for activating your neurotransmitter. People that drink java display a high brain and neurotransmitter activity.

Therefore, java drinkers have a higher chance to control their moods. Caffeine is also responsible for activating mood control hormones such as dopamine and serotonin.

10 – Drinking Coffee Guards Against Gout

If you drink coffee regularly you reduce the risk for gout. Coffee reduces the risk of gout by up to 40 and 50 percent. The beans contain a vital antioxidant that decreases the levels of insulin in your blood. The low levels of insulin also reduce the amount of uric acid that is responsible for causing gout.

11 – Lowers The Odds Of A Stroke

Researchers show that if you stick to your coffee, the risk of stroke may not find you by surprise. Coffee lowers your risk of getting a stroke up to at least 37%.

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While strokes happen often with zero warning, you can prolong your lifespan by drinking your four to five cups each day to lower the risk of stroke.

12 – Java Might Also Increase Your Life Span

Scientists have linked increased lifespan with drinking coffee. If you go for your favorite cup of coffee every day, it not only makes you feel better but it may also help you live longer.

Your caffeinated beverage contains bioactive compounds that help you to live longer.

13 – Drinking Java Helps You In Protecting Your Gum And Teeth

Contrary to the commonly known fact that your favorite drink discolors your teeth, you should know that it has protective effects on your dental health. The drink protects you from dental conditions such as periodontal diseases.

A person who takes at least five cups every day reduces the risks of bone loss, which is associated with periodontitis. Coffee also contains antibacterial properties that protect you from gum diseases. Stick to your drink and protect yourself from the effects of various dental issues.

14 – Java Beans Burn Body Fats Faster

The primary function of coffee for many is boosting their body’s ability to burn fat. Once you drink your cup, you get the fat-burning property of the drink to help you improve your daily metabolism.

Athletes and workout enthusiast take advantage of this benefit to break down blood sugar, get energy, and minimize the risk of obesity. The best way to kick start your day is to drink coffee and exercise at the same time to avoid the accumulation of fat component in your body.

Caffeine boosts the free fatty acid disposal rate. Therefore, your body converts fat into energy at a high rate. Caffeine increases the level of the free fatty acid in your bloodstream to conversion of blood sugar into energy.

15 – Drinking Coffee Boosts A Person’S Productivity

One cup of java early in the morning can go a long way in improving your day’s productivity. Your caffeinated drink boosts your alertness, enhances your reaction time, and improves your attention to the world around you.

16 – Four Daily Cups To Reduce The Risk Getting Multiple Sclerosis

The antioxidants in your daily cuppa prevent neural inflammation, preventing development and recurrence of multiple sclerosis. A study shows that 4 cups of caffeinated beverage protects you from MS.

Final Thoughts: Drinking Coffee Has Diverse Health Benefits You Should Not Ignore

Java drinking detractors love to point out its downsides. They forget the brain-boosting abilities and instead fixate on downsides such as increased blood pressure, indigestion, and insomnia.

However, java has several health benefits that many people do not even realize. The above sixteen facts are just a few of the things you might not know about the benefits of drinking coffee.


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