Drink Only Water and These 8 Things Will Happen

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Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that water can help the human body and mind flourish in more than one way. It turns out that drinking only water can enhance heart health, but it can also affect the brain function in a positive way.

In addition, water can boost immunity and support detoxification. This liquid can make the skin look fresh and young. Finally, it helps people improve their mood.

Most people are aware of the fact that water is one of the most useful things they can consume. Due to the fact that we all drink water on a daily basis, we tend to forget how great water is. This liquid is present in every body part and it is here to keep things running smoothly in every system.

Even the tiniest cells require water. You will notice that there are many individuals who are choosing to try complete water cleanse by drinking only water.

For many people, this is an impossible mission because they are used to drinking soft drinks and coffee every day, but we can only say that something like this is possible and definitely worth trying. This practice can benefit your body and mind in many ways.

1. Improve skin

Water can smoothen and tighten the skin. The skin requires proper hydration all the time. Drinking a significant amount of water can stabilize collagen levels and make the skin look more radiant and fuller. With the help of this, water can reduce the size and appearance of under-eye bags and wrinkles.

In case you are dealing with zits and acne, you should know that water can help you clear them up. Drink only water for one week and you will notice the difference on your skin.

2. Enhanced cognitive functions

Yes, water can help you enhance brain function too. As we have already mentioned, our body consists mostly of water. The same goes for our brain. The brain is made of 73% water and it obviously needs water to run effectively. The reason is simple – the oxygen that the brain needs come through the water.

Researchers have confirmed that drinking water can drastically enhance cognitive functions. To put it simply – you will become smarter if you drink more water!

3. Detoxification

Water eliminates toxins in urine and sweat. The extra water the body has is flushed out in different ways. It’s removed from the body through our skin in the form of sweat and through the digestive system with the help of the bladder, kidneys, and the urinary tract too.

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The water that leaves the body removes all the dangerous toxins that we consume through food and through the environment. Feel free to use water to treat urinary tract infections. In this way, you will eliminate the bacteria found in the urinary tract easily.

4. Enhanced digestion

Water manages bowel movements too. With the help of water, you can keep digestive functions optimized because water breaks down food. This liquid supports the body’s efforts to absorb the nutrients we take through food. In case you are suffering from constipation, this may be an indication that you are not taking enough water. It is the water that regulates bowel movements.

5. Boosted immunity

Water is important for the production of white blood cells. Water plays a crucial role in the immune system. The body requires water to generate new white blood cells and deliver them to every system. The white blood cells are here to keep the body safe from disease and infections. In this way, you will also keep the nose and eyes moist which helps you remove irritants like dirt and dust.

6. Improved heart health

It was confirmed that water lowers the chances of developing heart disease. The heart consists of 73% water. In other words, just like every body part, your heart requires water to work effectively. However, water can help the heart in few other ways.

For instance, sodium makes the blood thicker which means that the heart must put extra effort to pump the blood. But, water makes the blood thinner and eases the work of your heart. Scientific studies have shown that individuals who consume five or more glasses of water every day are 40% less likely to experience heart attacks.

7. More effective weight loss

Water speeds up metabolism and reduces appetite. After a few days of practicing this brand new regime, you will notice that your weight is slightly increased due to water retention. However, when this period is over, you will probably notice that your weight is reduced.

Water aids weight loss in two different ways. First of all, it speeds up the metabolism. Second, water can suppress appetite. Consumption of a glass (or two) of water before your meal will provide a feeling of satiety. In addition, in this way, you will avoid taking the calories that you usually get from other drinks like soft drinks, coffee, alcohol etc.

8. It saves money

You won’t have to spend money on other beverages.

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It probably didn’t occur to you, but drinking only water can save you some money too. Spending money on alcoholic drinks, fruit juices, special teas, and coffees can put a burden on your budget. If you drink water instead, you will avoid these expenses.

9. Boosted mood

Water can enhance your mood too. By drinking more water, you will enhance your mood. With more water in your system, you will feel calmer, more satisfied and more positive. Scientists have also discovered that cutting water intake can deliver adverse effects. Whenever you feel exhausted, fatigued, anxious or stressed, grab a glass of water and drink it.

It is very likely that you will be tempted to try other beverages, but keep in mind that by drinking only water you will experience some great changes. In the beginning, try with the one-week water only regimen and see how it goes. There is more than one good reason why you should try something like this.


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