Here’s What Happens to Your Body When You Don’t Change Your Underwear Every Day

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Practicing good hygiene is a responsible act that every person should always make a priority. It’s important that you make sure you’ve taken at least one shower during the day. This is why parents with kids should always stress the importance of hygiene.

Sure, we’ve all had days where we didn’t feel like doing anything, but that doesn’t mean that it should become a common theme and a way of life. Here’s where underwear comes to play.

You should always have a clean pair of underwear ready to wear after every shower. Never make the same mistake of wearing your dirty underwear.

Irregular hygiene and wearing dirty underwear can actually cause health problems.

Unwashed underwear harbors bacteria that can be dangerous if it’s in contact with your skin for a longer time. It can irritate your skin and promote the growth of more and more bacteria since the area is moist and warm.

Other issues include:


The bacteria that grows on the underwear can start transferring itself onto your skin. This can further on irritate it and cause lots of itching. You should not allow yourself to let bacteria crawl onto your skin and irritate your body!

Rashes / Skin Irritation

If you keep itching because of the bacteria, you can cause some redness and sores to appear around the skin. Also, dirty underwear can chafe your skin as well. What is looking like a heat rash can develop into an open lesion if you don’t take care of the situation.

Your genital area needs air to breathe, and to be washed regularly. Wash your underwear and wash yourself to eliminate terrible things like this from happening.

Good luck and always practice good hygiene!

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