This Just In: Corn Silk Is Incredibly Healthy to Consume [Benefits and Ways to Use]

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We all love corn. It’s a delicious addition to our meals and it’s also incredibly good for us. Did you know that you could also benefit from using corn silk into your diet as well? Corn silk are the hair-like strands that come out of the plant’s green cover.

Since we want to showcase how beneficial corn silk is, we’ve compiled a tiny list for you to read so that you can find out how you can benefit from this plant.

Read all about it below.

Block Kidney Stones from Developing

Kidney stones are an incredibly alarming health issue that millions of people deal with. Using corn silk in your diet is going to help you prevent the development of kidney stones. It helps prevent because it deflects the stone collection. It’s important to know that this is only a preventive method and not one to successfully treat already existing kidney stones.

Prevents Blood Clotting

An interesting fact about corn silk is that it contains vitamin K, which improves blood coagulation. So in case of an emergency, if your vitamin K levels are in check, if you get a wound the chances for its speedy recovery are a lot bigger. That’s why consuming corn silk is so great for you!

Keeps Glucose Levels in Check

Research and experts are claiming that using corn silk in your diet can significantly help you in the fight of controlling your levels of glucose in the system. Another interesting fact about corn silk is that it also helps in the process of repairmen of pancreas cells that have been harmed.

Controls the Levels of Cholesterol in Your System

If you’re having issues with regulating your levels of cholesterol in your system, using corn silk might just be the thing that you should try out. Prevent developing various heart diseases by using corn silk. Amped up cholesterol levels are not a good idea.

It Has Diuretic Properties

Corn silk helps you get rid of unwanted and unnecessary liquids in your system . Unnecessary liquids serve as literal poisons for your metabolism.

Ways to Use Corn Silk

We figured that you would be puzzled as to how to actually incorporate corn silk in your diet. This is why we’ve prepared two different methods for you to try out.

Method Number 1 – Corn Silk Tea

  • Add one cup of water to a pan and let it boil
  • Add the corn silk to the already boiling water
  • Let it boil
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Once you have your corn silk tea ready, take it off the stove and drink it while it’s still hot

If you can’t drink it on its own, take a teaspoon of lemon juice and add it to your cup

Method Number 2 – Corn Silk and Honey

  • Get a jar and fill it up with water. Add the corn silk to the jar as well
  • Leave the jar out in your yard and put it where it can get some sunlight
  • Let the jar out for an entire day and bring it in during the evening
  • Take out some of the water and add a teaspoon of honey to It for flavor
  • Drink up

Repeat this process daily

WARNING: Only use organic corn silk. Never put yourself at risk to consume ingredients sprayed with pesticides.

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