6 Genius Ways To Use Lemon Peels Around The House

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You’ve just perused that drinking water with crisp lemon is a phenomenal method to improve your health.

What’s more, I’m willing to wager that subsequent to pressing that lemon, you in all likelihood hurl it in the garbage since it has been used, right?

Well, that’s completely wrong!

Lemon Peels are a highly valuable commodity — Especially when it comes to cleaning your house.

Look at these very useful methods, in which you can use lemon peels to have a blistering clean home, and a healthy one as well.

Why Lemon Peels?

Customary cleaners are made with harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances, which:

  • Poisonous if ingested
  • Cause respiratory problems
  • Irritate your skin
  • Contain harmful chemicals

How to use Lemon Peels to clean your Home?

Air freshener:

  • Make an air freshener, by putting the peels in a pot filled with water
  • Simmer it on low heat
  • This can be later used as an air freshener in your home

Restore Metal:

  • Clean your stainless steel, chrome and copper by sprinkling sea salt on the metal and then using a lemon peel to scrub.
  • Removes stain, grime and dirt.
  • Rinse and polish.

Sanitize Surfaces:

  • The lemon’s natural acidity gives incredible antibacterial properties.
  • Rub surfaces, (for example, your cutting board) with half a lemon.
  • Give it a chance to sit for 5 minutes before washing it with water.

Insect Repellent:

  • Dispose of ants and different bugs by setting little cuts of lemon along your: Door entrances, near holes or cracks, and windowsills.
  • Ants hate lemon, and they will keep away from it, therefore away from your home.
  • Also this method is effective against fleas and roaches.

Odor Absorber:

  • Refresh your refrigerator by setting a lemon peel inside.
  • Toss a couple of lemon peels in the base of your garbage can to prevent the awful scents.
  • Add lemon strips to your dishwasher to deodorize it and rinse it as well.
  • “Clean” your garbage disposal by putting a couple of little slices of lemon peel in it.

All Purpose Cleaner:

  • Helps to disinfect and cut grease.
  • Put lemon peels in a glass jar. Pour white vinegar over the peels until completely submerged.
  • Enable the mixture to sit for about fourteen days.
  • Strain the liquid from the mixture and mix it with water, using a 50/50 proportion.
  • Use as you ordinarily would use an all purpose cleaner.

Who would knew that lemon peels could be this useful right? Not only that, but they are also very healthy, therefore we are protected from the dangerous chemicals that are used in the commercial cleaners that we use in our home.

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