4-Minutes a Day Exercises Give Results in Less Than 30 Days

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The majority of people want to transform their bodies. They want to look better by cutting weight and toning muscles. If you are one of them, you should know that you can achieve this goal in just four minutes! Many of you will be skeptical at first, but we recommend trying this advice before commenting.

The best part is that you can reach this goal without doing some impossible exercises. The truth is that you need just one exercise – the plank. So, in case you are interested in sculpting your body, you must find the power to perform the plank on a daily basis. In addition to the fact that you will get an amazing body, you will also improve your energy levels and stamina.

Let’s be clear – you won’t be able to see the results right away. But, if you are disciplined, you will enjoy the fantastic results in the end. The main objective is to perform the plan for 4 weeks. During the first week, you will have to remain in this position for about twenty seconds. After some period of time, you will increase the period of time until you reach 4 minutes. Simply follow the plan for exercises and everything will be fine.

The Exercise Plan


  • 1st day – 20 sec
  • 2nd day – 20 sec
  • 3rd day – 30 sec
  • 4th day – 30 sec
  • 5th day – 40 sec
  • 6th day – rest
  • 7th day – 45 sec


  • 8th day – 45 sec
  • 9th day – 60 sec
  • 10th day – 60 sec
  • 11th day – 60 sec
  • 12th day – 90 sec
  • 13th day – rest
  • 14th day – 90 sec


  • 15th day – 90 sec
  • 16th day – 2 min
  • 17th day – 2 min
  • 18th day – 150 sec
  • 19th day – rest
  • 20th day – 150 sec
  • 21st day – 150 sec


  • 22nd day – 3 min
  • 23rd day – 3 min
  • 24th day – 210 sec
  • 25th day – rest
  • 26th day – 210 sec
  • 27th day – 4 min
  • 28th day – as long as you can.

Doing The Plank

To start with, you must be sure that you are holding the right position. So, put the hands in the right way. The elbows must be positioned right under the shoulders in order to distribute the weight in a proper way. The spine must be straight all the time.

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Stay away from excessive and inadequate pressure on the back and neck. Keep your legs slightly apart. During this exercise, you will feel the thighs.

Modify the distance between your legs. Keep in mind that your body must be relaxed and you must breathe slowly.

By following this unique exercise plan and by increasing the time spent on it gradually, you should be able to witness a significant body transformation.

Source: The Health Awareness

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