The First Word You See Will Indicate Your Subconscious Personality

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What is the first word that comes to mind when you look at the picture? Which is the letter that you placed first in the missing gap? How is this connected with your subconscious?

In cognitive psychology, people refer to it as the missing letter effect. When a person tries to focus on the letters while he reads the text consciously, they usually skip a lot more letters than one. For example, when we read subtitles, we tend to skip many letters and quickly read the sentence.

As a result, we sometimes see other words that are not written. Well, the missing letter effect, also known as word superiority effect, is a phenomenon where we fail to identify certain letters, and we see other words. Words we choose to see.

So, what did you choose to see?


If you saw the word LOSER, it means that your subconscious personality is truthful, sincere.

You are a person who people trust, who is honest, and never hesitates to speak their mind. Even though being too honest can sometimes hurt your friends, partner, or loved ones, you believe that it is the right thing to do.

You never lie, or deceive willingly, which makes you a secure and a safe person to hang out with. As a result, people love spending time with you.


If you saw the word LOVER, it means that your subconscious personality is energetic. Furthermore, you are a very interesting person full of mystery. Also, people love spending time with you because they want to get to know you and your secrets.

However, you are not easy to read. This is what makes you so interesting and refreshing. Besides, you are unpredictable and never boring.


If you saw the word LOWER, it means that your subconscious personality is to be in command. Your bravery, willingness to take risks, and no fear, makes you the ideal partner, coworker, and friend. You are an exciting person, especially at work.

Plus, you love taking chances, especially in relationships. On top of that, people can count on you to take the first step. After all, there is never a dull moment when you are around.

Koriat and C. Greenberg

According to studies, the missing letter effect makes it easier to detect certain letters in content.

This way, people can compare the function of the words and come up with their own word. In addition, reading usually requires the person to focus on the meaning of the form, rather than the form itself.

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Therefore, people adjust the words and process them accordingly, or in this case, the way they please. To determine the letter detection, one must focus on the importance of the word and the meaning of the sentence.

Lastly, what word did you see? Do you agree with your choice? Make sure to leave us a comment, and share this post with family and friends.

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