WARNING: If You Find These In Your Home Get To a Doctor IMMEDIATELY!

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Beware of Triatomine bugs!

Today, in the southern United States there is an outbreak caused by Trypanosoma cruzi parasite. This deadly parasite causes an illness called Chagas disease. The parasite is carried by insects coming from the southern United States, Central and South America.

Trypanosoma cruzi parasite carried by these insects in the feces. When the feces is exposing bite wound, the parasite enters into the body. Not only that, if the mouth or eyes are attached by the feces, the transmission may occur.

These insects look small and harmless but have a terrible reputation, causing heart disease on 30% of infected people. They usually attack the face.

At first, these insects cause itchiness, causing we scratch bite wound and facilitate the parasite to enter into our body, causing some bad effects, including heart disease.

Triatomine bugs reported continue to spread across the southern United States. Fortunately, their activities rarely involve defecating so that the risk of infection remains quite low.

However, if you see them, you should immediately contact the CDC.

You must be aware of some of the places as follows:

• Stony structures
• The bottom of the homepage
• The rocks around the house
• Chicken coop
• Dog cage


• Seal each crack on the window, door and wall of the house
• Remove piles of wood and stone
• Avoid puddles
• Don’t place yard lights too close to your home
• Keep your house stays in pristine condition
• Immediately call the Department of Health if you notice the presence of Triatomine bugs.

Source: Healthy Food Team

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