One Glass of Turmeric Is as Good as Running for One Hour

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The most powerful anti-oxidant, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory super spice is turmeric. It belongs to the ginger family which makes it a popular ingredient in many Indian dishes. Also, it has been used for centuries in Asia because of its medicinal properties.

This spice can be excellent for treating bloating, heartburn, diarrhea, and colds. Moreover, some practitioners of the traditional Chinese medicine, claim that turmeric can be beneficial for the skin as well as treating some infected wounds.

The reason for this is because of its anti-bacterial properties. As a result, many researchers have studied this spice to determine whether it is as good as people believe. They concluded that turmeric has potent properties that can be beneficial for the overall health.

On top of that, the spice is full of healthy nutrients like minerals, vitamins, fibers, and calcium. Even if you consume a lot of it, side effects won’t usually appear. However, there are some rare cases of nausea, dizziness and an upset stomach.

Benefits of Eating Turmeric

Here is a list of all the benefits that turmeric can offer:

  • it has powerful medicinal properties
  • contains anti-inflammatory compounds
  • increases the antioxidant capacity
  • boosts brain functions and decreases the risk of brain diseases
  • lowers the risk of heart disease

The Cardiovascular System and Turmeric

According to a study issued in the American Journal of Cardiology, turmeric extract can decrease the risk of a heart attack by 56%. In a recent research, it was stated that eating this spice can boost the effectiveness of the physical exercises and improve the health of the heart.

So, it could prove as a powerful supplement for boosting the energy. Maybe, it can have the same effect as running for one hour, but that doesn’t mean you should completely replace physical exercise with spice.

How can Turmeric Improve the Heart Health

If you take 150 mg of turmeric extract for eight weeks, you can improve your heart function. So, to properly take that amount, you will have to take a teaspoon of turmeric daily or consume supplements instead.

Even if turmeric can improve the heart and boost the cardiovascular system, you shouldn’t stop exercising. The body needs to spend the energy somewhere. Therefore, you need to exercise, no matter how many turmeric supplements you take.

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