9 Things Your Zodiac Sign Reveals About Your Relationships

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Hey, what’s your zodiac sign?

One of the most common pick-up lines someone will hear at a bar or club is “what is your zodiac sign?” If not used as a pick-up line, then a friend who is trying to understand the qualities of the new companion in their life. However, why do we care?

Whether you believe in it or not, many will read their weekly or monthly horoscope from the paper due to the underlying belief that there is some truth to it. Many believe that there are some scientific truths to the zodiac signs. This is especially true for some people when it comes to having a relationship with a certain sign they may or may not be compatible with.

There are many qualities both good and bad that every zodiac sign has. To ask what a person’s sign is is to allow yourself to peer into the qualities and faults that a person may have without prying directly. Therefore, you are can also look for the possible compatibility you may have with them if anything romantically may happen without making things awkward.

While a certain sign may be perceived to be more inclined to go after “bad relationships”, this cannot be predicted for that is based more often on the individual then it is to their sign.

With all this said, here are 9 things your zodiac sign reveals about you and your relationships.

9 Things Your Zodiac Sign Can Reveal About You

1) One’S Passions

Every Zodiac sign has something they are passionate about. Be it fighting for the under-dog or traveling the world, passion runs in the veins of everyone at different levels of intensity. Anyone who wants to have a happy and healthy relationship wants to know what their partner or future partner is passionate about. By knowing what you or they are passionate about it gives away another key part of compatibility- intensity!

While it may be well known by some, not all the signs require a high level of intensity to be happy in life. Understanding the intensity levels of your sign and that of your partners can reveal if there will be major problems or just minor annoyances in your relationship. On the other hand, different intensity levels can counterbalance each other in the end.

2) One’S Faults

When it comes to the faults of an individual, one would think that you must know the person themselves to know what their faults are and if you can deal with them when dating a person. This is not completely true. Although not everyone is exactly like their sun sign (they may be more like their moon or rising sign), knowing the faults of the sun sign can reveal many truths.

For example, the fault of an Aries could be their anger, for a Scorpio could be their cold-heartedness, and for a Taurus, it could be their world-famous stubbornness. If you do not like confrontation, having a harsh tongue lashing, or talking to a brick wall then knowing what the faults are of a person’s sign could save you a lot of heartbreak. On the other hand, it could just be used as a warning, so you know what you are getting yourself into.

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3) One’S Anger Levels

When dating someone there will be days when you don’t get along and you will argue. It is just a fact of life. We all know whether we like it or not.

Understanding the levels of anger and if or how long each sign can hold a grudge is important. If you are a kind and sensitive soul, then dating an Aries or a Scorpio may not be the best idea. For an Aries’ ability to quick to anger and a Scorpio’s ability to hold a grudge forever and a day could be a bad match. Knowing what anger levels, you have and what anger levels you can handle will save you a lot of pain in the long run.

4) One’S Compatibility To Compromise

To have a successful relationship one must be willing to compromise. However, some signs are better than others. There is a reason why in the olden day’s mothers gave their daughters the advice of “pick your battles”.

Understanding that not all people are willing to compromise in their relationships no matter the situation. Some zodiac signs take more time to master this ability then others do, so be prepared to either give more than taking or take more than giving. Be prepared to deal with this and that some signs will never truly compromise.

5) One’S Intensity Levels

Intensity can make a love burn with a passion that many people hope and crave for. The downside of this is that sometimes intensity can be too much and burn the curious fly. Acknowledging that intensity is the lifeblood for some signs while not so much for other zodiac signs will make your relationship either happier or rockier.

Having high-intensity levels as an individual can sometimes be overpowering when it begins to feel like an obsession. Having a passion for a hobby is one thing, having a passion for love can be wonderful if not overpowering at times. Understanding your intensity levels will better suit you if or when it starts to scare you and/or lover.

6) One’S Level Of Passion

No matter who you are, sexual compatibility is key to a successful relationship. Some signs are not as keen on its importance compared to other signs, however, knowing one’s skill level gives a personal insight as to if they will be satisfied or not. Sexual compatibility makes up at least 50 percent if not more of a successful relationship because of its ability to relieve stress, communicate what words cannot and help express emotions that need expressing.

7) One’S Romantic Level

Whoever said romance is dead most likely never look at the details of the zodiac sign of the person they married. If you need a lot of romance in your life and to feel loved by your partner, then you will need to know the romance levels of your partner and their sign. Not being fulfilled can lead to heartbreak and having the feeling of being let down.

While the person’s romance level may not equal what their sign says it should, it is still a good idea to double-check.

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8) Trustworthiness

We all know the saying of trust taking a lifetime to build and a second to destroy. This is true even to this day. Every relationship needs trust to survive and grow.

Each sign has some level of having and requiring trust not only of themselves but also of their partners. Some signs like Scorpios, Libras and Taurus highly value trust above all else and the slightest chance of it being broken they run for the hills. While others would stay and see if it would happen.

Make sure you know how trustworthy you are so when you investigate the sign of the other person you can handle it if they start to question you.

9) One’S Compassion Levels

An important trait that marriages and dating require at times is the ability to have and show compassion. When your partner is feeling down or is going through a rough patch like losing a job or their dearly loved family member dies, showing compassion to the person you love is one of the greatest things you can do for them. It is also one of the best things they can for you.

While signs like Scorpios are not greatly known for this ability, having compassion for yourself and for the person you love will get your father in some situations then it will in others. Knowing the compassion levels that you have and can give to your partner and the compassion levels that you need and require are important. Don’t be afraid to talk about this with yourself and your partner.

Your future self will thank you for it.

In A Nutshell…Your Zodiac Signs Speaks Volumes

Be it that you are your sign to “T” or that you are more of your moon or rising sign, your zodiac sign can reveal a lot about you. Your sign can advise how you may deal with or have dealt with a present or a past relationship, be it that your good or bad qualities come or came out. As you grow as a person different quality of your sign comes out and the people who know you will know what qualities of your sign you are at the present.

These nine things reveal a lot about you and your relationships but not necessarily in the way that you would think. Reviewing this list over time can help you in many ways. Remember, as you grow as a person some things change over time. Personality and ways of thinking are what changes the most.

However, some things ring true no matter the amount of time that passing. The zodiac signs have their traits for reasons unknown and the more you accept your traits the better.


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