10 Signs You Are Not Shy, You Are Actually An Introvert

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People who are described as an introvert often get a bad rap in a world where extroversion is highly prized. After further study, though, you will find it easy to understand the considerable value an introvert brings to the table. Living life focused inward, the typical introvert knows what they want. As such, they do not need much from the outside world to be happy.

Introverted people aren’t necessarily shy. Being shy and being introverted belong in two different categories in many cases. Introverts don’t avoid people due to fear or anxiety. They simply feel more comfortable relating to others one-on-one or in a small group.

Below are 10 signs that you are an introvert.

1. Being in a large group of people drains your energy. 

An introvert needs time alone to recharge. While introverts are capable of spending time at parties (and may even seem like the life of the party on occasion), they can’t keep it up for long. They need to retreat to a quiet place or they may start to zone out. Large groups of people overwhelm introverts, causing them to become agitated or tired. They can also be bothered by too much noise and light, which saps their energy. An introvert often feels all alone even in a large crowd. Additionally, they may find networking activities stressful.

2. People tell you that you’re “too intense.” 

If you are an introvert, small talk is off the table. You enjoy philosophical conversations and thought-provoking subjects. You will jump right into serious debates without thinking twice about it. An introvert appreciates lively and deep reflection about books and movies. These cerebral behaviors indicate you are an introvert. What some may call intensity is more likely wisdom. If you have been called an “old soul,” you are most likely an introvert.

3. You dislike small talk. 

If you are aggravated by small talk, you are merely manifesting a classic sign of introvert nature. You probably avoid chit-chat whenever possible. Not only does it makes you anxious, but it also seems phony and insincere.

4. You easily get distracted. 

Noisy environments with too much stimulation will distract introverts. They often seek out quiet spots to refuel after time in a crowd or chaotic environment. Contrary to extroverts (who are easily bored), the ongoing, inner monologue keeps an introvert’s mind active. While they may appear quiet on the outside, they are actively thinking at all times. If you are an introvert, you may find this active inner life exhausting and distracting at times.

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5. An introvert seeks peaceful and beautiful environments. 

Since introverts are negatively impacted by noise, light and crowds, they seek out places that are peaceful. Places they can relax and think. If you are an introvert, you choose your environment based on its ability to calm you. Stimulating, loud, and chaotic places make any introvert anxious and uncomfortable.

6. You are prudent and thoughtful before making decisions. 

Introverted people want all the facts before they make a decision. Instead of acting with impulsiveness, they like to mull things over before making up their mind about important matters. If you are an introvert, you avoid risks. You proceed with caution. First, you evaluate the information at hand. As a result, you never rush decisions. In addition, you think before you speak, and carefully choose your words in a deliberate manner. Your friends probably think of you as cautious.

7. An introvert likes to watch others to learn new tasks. 

While extroverts often jump right in (with both feet) to learn something, figuring things out through trial and error, their introverted counterparts prefer to watch others and learn. Additionally, they would rather practice on their own to perfect their skills before trying them out.

8. As an introvert, you live in your head. 

You have a non-stop inner monologue that is lively and interesting to you. That is part of the reason you find it so easy to be alone. As a person with a full inner life, you don’t really need a lot of outside stimulation to be happy. You think everything over and tend to be very analytical. You feel the most alive when focusing intently on subject matter that deeply interests you.

Final Thoughts

People often view the terms “introvert” and “shy” as complementary terms. Contrary to what people think, they can be mutually exclusive. People might think it is easy to recognize an introvert. (The shy one in the corner, right? Wrong.) In fact, they often appear to be outgoing to others.

An introvert may seem hard to get to know since they won’t always make an effort to reach out to new people voluntarily. While their introverted nature may seem a bit standoffish, they make loyal and good friends. Most introverts have a few close friends. They rarely seek out and maintain a lot of friendships.


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