What You See First In These Images Will Reveal The Truth Behind Your Personality

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It’s amazing how many different ways a single image can be perceived upon first glance. Believe it or not, the things you are drawn to first can say a lot about who you are on a deeper level. It can give you and others hints about who you are in regards to your personality.

Along with your conscious thoughts, actions, and decisions, there are many aspects of your subconsciousthat contribute to your personality as well. Images like the ones below can help show you what I mean.

Check them out and see what stands out to you – then be prepared to learn more about yourself!

What Do You See First?


If you looked at this image and saw lips, then it means you are the type of person who always tends to take things at face value. You don’t usually feel the need to dig deeper or get nosy; you accept things as they are. While this can mean you’re an accepting, non-judgmental person, it can also mean that taking risks is a struggle for you. Something to consider about yourself.


If you noticed trees first, then it means that you’re someone who has come to know that looking into the unknown can sometimes be a good idea and add great value to your life. You naturally think outside the box and are always in search of mentally stimulating conversations and problems to solve. You always know a good idea when you hear one.


If you saw roots in the image first, then it means that you are a very growth-oriented person. You tend to focus a lot on personal growth and always find ways to better yourself. You also have a passion for helping and showing up for others, especially those you care for the most.

What Do You See First?


If you saw the two men first, then it means you have a strong tendency to care about others more than yourself. You put the needs of others before your own consistently and are a very self-sacrificing individual. This can lead you to overextend and neglect your own self-care.

Water Splashing

If you noticed the water splashing then it means that you are always on the lookout for a storm. You are fully aware that things aren’t always as they seem, though you don’t want to dig too deep. You tend to be overly cautious and firmly stick within your own means.


If the skull is what you saw first, then it means that you always have a positive outlook on life. You’re a “cup half full” type of person and see things in ways that most others don’t. You like to dig deep and discover new truths. You’re likely an adventurous, spirited individual.

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What Do You See First?


If you noticed the tree first, then it means you tend to be the type of person that’s unaware of your surroundings. You don’t usually find yourself overthinking things and will reel yourself back from situations more often than not. Something to observe about yourself.


If the woman caught your attention first, then it means that you are very observational and quick. You tend to notice details that most people don’t. You like to really dive into situations and put yourself out there. But you can sometimes be an over-analyzer.


If you saw the landscape first, then it means that you can be a bit absent-minded at times, but not severely. You mainly like to stick to the things you know and don’t like to try new things very often. You’re a “go with the flow” type of person.

What Do You See First?


If you instantly saw the couple, then it means you are someone who takes relationships very seriously. You always have your significant other on your mind and they are likely someone who has grown to take up a significant portion of your life. There’s a chance you could be a clingy partner, something to observe about yourself and how you show up in your relationship.


If you saw the explosion, it means you could be someone who gets scared or startled fairly easily. You tend to be a bit sporadic, but also don’t like to participate in anything you think might end badly. You may be a major worrier and could struggle with stress and anxiety.


If the woman is what you noticed first, then it means you might be more lonely than you’d ever care to admit and are craving something or some form of attention that you are not receiving. This could be something to explore about yourself and consider.


How did it go? What did you learn about yourself? Do you feel like these descriptions were accurate or completely off? If anything, they are definitely things to think about and consider for yourself. Feel free to share your thoughts with us, we’d love to hear from you – and don’t forget to pass these images on to your friends to see what they see first!



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