Is The Room Spinning? Try This Simple Doctor Recommended Method For Treating Vertigo In Seconds

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Chronic dizziness and vertigo can give us a really hard time. Doctors usually give us prescription medication that causes even greater damage. If you are tired of feeling dizzy all the time, change your approach and relieve your condition in a different way.

We suggest that you try this safe technique. But first, let’s give you some info on vertigo. It isn’t a simple condition. Vertigo may affect your life, causing serious consequences. Do you know that those who deal with vertigo have a higher risk of falling or experiencing a car accident?

Those who suffer from this condition can help you realize its severity. Sue Rickers explains that it feels like everything moves and spins. She was unable to drive or walk. Sue couldn’t move without holding onto a wall.

Sue did research and found a YouTube video from Dr. Carol Foster, an otolaryngologist. It involved a specific method that helps those dealing with vertigo.

Dr. Foster from the University of Colorado says that vertigo and dizziness are caused by inner ear issue. Particles build up and trigger a shifting moment that gives a person dealing with vertigo experience a spinning sensation.

According to the doctor, the ‘twisting, turning’ motion may release the buildups. It relieves the symptoms quickly, so the doctor developed a simple method.

Here are her recommendations:

1. First, get down on your knees, and sit on the back on your knees.

2. Tilt your head back and watch towards the sky. Your dizziness may increase at the moment, but don’t worry, it’s a normal reaction.

3. Stay on your knees, and place your hands in front of you. Your head should hang loose, and your chin should be tucked in.

4. Turn your head to your right/left elbow depending on your affected ear.

This is a simple exercise, and everyone can do it. following the right instructions is of great importance, and that’s the only way to relieve your condition.

The half somersault maneuver became a hit, and it has millions of views on YouTube.

Foster has received feedback from people across the world. She is really happy for everyone who improved their situation. The doctor didn’t hide her willingness to help everyone in the world.


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