Meditating With These Mantras Will Unblock Your Chakras Instantly

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Seed or bija mantras are some of the most well-known and played down of all those we can find. They work to harmonize our energy with that of the universe and while most overlook them, they can work wonders in our lives.

Seed mantras are the sounds of our chakras themselves. They are one-syllable seed sounds that when said out loud are able to activate the energy within each of our chakras. They work to allow a proper sense of flow to come back into our being. Our chakras are very important and so for each one, there is a seed mantra that we should be working through.

For those who might not be aware, the body has seven main chakra points, those points are the ones from which our life force truly flows. When one of these chakra points gets blocked or closed off, we face negative side effects. These side effects being on an emotional, mental, and physical level for many of us.

Our chakras control us in ways most people could not comprehend. They each represent a different part of who we are and how we function. When they are being blocked or unable to function properly, you will feel quite out of place and down in the dumps.

According to Yogapedia, the seven seed mantras are as follows:

In general, chanting a mantra focuses concentration on one purpose and/or stills the mind. In Hatha yoga, the seven cleansing bija mantras focus on the chakra energy centers along the spine in order to balance the body and the mind. The mantras are typically chanted as the yogi relaxes in a cross-legged seated position or while lying down.

Lam – Muladhara (root) chakra
Vam – Svadisthana (spleen or sacral) chakra
Ram – Manipura (solar plexus) chakra
Yam – Anahata (heart) chakra
Ham – Visuddha (throat) chakra
Sham – Ajna (third eye) chakra
Om – Sahasrara (crown) chakra

These should be chanted one at a time or in sequence when doing yoga or meditating. During the time in which you’re using them, you should focus your mind’s eye on really clearing out anything that might be blocking off the flow of energy from each chakra and envision a white light radiating from each one. For each one, you are unlocking a different level and as you move through each you will begin to feel more and more opened up.

Through activating your chakras with these mantras you will gain clarity and more control over your spiritual self. In working to really unleash the flow of energy within your being you are going to be operating on a higher vibrational level and really tuning your aura to be more aligned with that of the universe itself. This will clear out any energies that do not work for you and prevent negativity from holding space in your life.

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To learn more about the seed mantras and mantras in general as well as what wonders you might currently be missing out on check out the video below. Small things like this make enormous differences in our lives. Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it isn’t worth following through with.


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