How Japanese “Korugi Massage” Will Remove Years From Your Face

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At some point in your life, you’ll look in the mirror and realize that some aspects of your face aren’t what they used to be. Even if you can’t identify exactly why, you may find that you look older, feel older, or just don’t look quite how you used to. It can be very disheartening to experience these emotions, but Korugi massage can help.

Many people attend facials, massages, and other kinds of treatment to prevent the early onset of aging. One such massage that has been steadily gaining fame comes straight out of Asia – and we know that Asia’s skincare market is on point!

Here’S How  Japanese “Korugi Massage” Will Remove Years From Your Face

1.    What Is The Korugi Massage?

The Kosugi massage is a Japanese technique of facial treatment. In its nation of origin, it is known for being able to provide a more youthful appearance and help give the face and chin the V shape that is so coveted in Asian regions.

The massage is typically done professionally in one-hour long sessions, but it can be done at home as well in shorter bursts. Contrary to popular belief, it places its focus on facial muscles, not on the skin itself. This helps the muscles to tense and relax, snapping them back to their original, stronger form.

This massage is performed in order to release tension in the muscles of your face. This can reduce swelling, smooth wrinkles, and provide a more youthful appearance. In general, all moves done in this exercise involve some combination of the following:

  • Locating a fatty spot in the face
  • Pressing down on the spot with an open palm
  • Lifting the spot upwards for approximately five counts
  • Releasing the spot and slowly massaging it in a circular manner

Unlike many other massages, the Korugi massage does not involve pain or harsh motions. It doesn’t require special, fancy gadgets or any kind of extraction. The process is simple and straightforward, making it a favorite among many proponents for the technique. Also, it doesn’t take a very long time to do, and results tend to show up quickly – within a month at the latest!

Benefits Of Facial Massage

Benefits of this type of massage are not scientifically studied, but they have been said to include:

  • Lymphatic drainage
  • More youthful appearance
  • Moisturized skin
  • Better circulation
  • Tighter skin
  • Glowing skin
  • More relaxed facial muscles
  • Softer skin
  • Slimmer face and higher cheekbones

2.    Great Korugi Massage Exercises

You don’t have to go to a special Japanese massage parlor to get a Korugi massage. There are a ton of facial exercises that you can easily pull off in the comfort of your own home. Here are a few to consider!

·         Forehead Smoothing

Start by holding your hands in fists. Press the central knuckles of your fists into the area just a little higher than your brow line. Slowly work your way upwards, rubbing against your skin as you inch closer to your hairline.

Now, go back to your initial position above your eyebrows and go slightly to the side of where you started. Repeat the previous process, going upwards with your knuckles. Continue to do so until you have covered your entire forehead.

·         Cheek Lifting

You’ll need to be sitting down in front of a table. Start with your elbows resting on the surface, holding your hands in fists. Bring yourself down without ruining your posture so that your cheekbones rest against the fists. Relax your muscles, allowing your fists to push your cheeks upwards. Maintain the pose for 5 seconds.

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·         Chin Lift

Start by holding your hands in fists, then move so your pointer and middle fingers point upwards. Make sure they are still bent as you do so. Now take your skin along your jawline, pulling it upwards so it reaches towards your temples. You should do this with those two aforementioned fingers.

Make sure your movements are forceful, beginning from the area of your jawline just at the end of your mouth corners. Press the skin in and pull it upwards in a short, repetitive motion. Do this across your entire chin.

·         Cheek Smoothing

Start with your fingers interlocked and clenched together, with your thumbs out straight. Start with your right eye, placing the edge of your left thumb just beneath it, close to where your nose is.

Now, slide sideways, moving to where your ears are, pressing your skin downwards as you do so. Then, slide down from your ear, over your neckline, till you get to your collarbone. Do this again two more times, then repeat on the other side of your face.

·         Eye Opening

Start by holding your hands in fists. Raise your brows with your facial muscles and gently press your pointer and middle finger knuckles along the line of your brow. Slide those knuckles sideways to smooth the area.

3.    A Japanese Massage Routine You Can Do At Home

Not a fan of quick exercises? Want something more through that covers a lot more of what professional Korugi massages entail? Here’s a handy little routine that you can perform at your own to keep your skin fresh and youthful!

Step 1:

Get your face ready. Wash it and pat it dry, going through your cleansing and exfoliating routine. Next, put on some facial cream, oil, lotion, or moisturizer.

Step 2:

Press your palm – the meatiest area – to the skin in between your brows, lifting the skin upwards. Hold the lifted position for around five seconds, then begin to massage the muscles beneath with a circular movement. Once you are done, repeat slightly higher than your starting point and keep working your way up until you hit your hairline.

Step 3:

Take your palm and move it beneath your right eyebrow. Press in, hold for around five seconds, and then start to massage in the same circular motion. Once again, you’ll repeat this process slightly higher than your starting point and keep working your way up until you hit your hairline.

Step 4:

Repeat all of step 3, but this time with your left eyebrow instead.

Step 5:

Take your palm and move it onto the side of your forehead. Start with the right side. Press in, hold for around five seconds, and then start to massage in the same circular motion. Once again, you’ll repeat this process slightly higher than your starting point and keep working your way up until you hit your hairline.

Step 6:

Repeat all of step 5, but this time on the left side.

Step 7:

Locate the area of your right cheek where the point is highest. Then, take your palm and move it right beneath this highest peak, which is essentially your cheek’s pressure point. Press in, lift the skin upwards, hold it for around five seconds, and then repeat, moving slowly along your cheekbone.

Step 8:

Repeat all of step 7, but this time on the left side.


Take your thumbs and place their sides against your cheeks. The place to start is right beside your nose. Use your thumbs to gently press and brush outwards, from your nose to your face’s sides.

STEP 10:

Once you hit the sides of your face, bring your thumbs downwards over the sides of your neck to fully drain all the fluid and pressure you have worked off.

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4.    Signs Of Aging Skin

Not sure if your skin would benefit a lot from a massage of this variety? The small symptoms and signs of aging can go unnoticed until they’ve accumulated. When you look in the mirror every day, these types of small changes are less likely to be noticed. Here are some signs of aging skin to look out for.

·         Your Skin Is Getting Dryer

The older you get, the more likely your skin will wind up feeling dry or uncomfortable. This happens as the skin begins to experience gaps in the layer it uses for protection. This can often cause itchiness, which can really get on your nerves and lessen positive thinking.

·         Wrinkles Are Appearing

Many people start to panic when they begin developing wrinkles. Vitamin C is known for having positive effects on wrinkles, but for the most part, they’re part and parcel of getting older – something the massage aims to aid.

·         Sun Spots

Sun damage can begin to affect your skin, creating small little freckle-like spots or patches in a brown color. The sun’s UV rays begin to permanently affect the skin, and changing hormones increase the risk of developing these issues.

·         Crow’S Feet

Crow’s feet are some of the most easily noticeable signs of aging. They manifest in the form of fine lines around your eyes, forming from squinting and making different expressions throughout your life. This is due to the slowing down of cell renewal, preventing skin fibers from bouncing back to their initial position.

·         Your Skin No Longer Glows

As your cells stop being produced as quickly, your face may lose some of its radiance and shine. You’ll lose that youthful look you once had, and you may glow less than you used to. This can also be affected by a lack of evenness throughout the skin of your face in terms of color and tone.

·         Sagging Cheeks

You may notice that your face appears more hollow. Your cheeks may have started to dip downwards, sagging over time and giving you jowls. This is because the protective fat layer over the top of your skin is wearing down. The Korugi  massage is perfect for helping to reduce the severity of this issue. (3)

Final Thoughts On How  Japanese Massage Will Remove Years From Your Face

Is aging a bad thing? Not necessarily. Sometimes, we can be too hard on ourselves over totally natural signs of growing older. Age is beautiful, too, so keep your positive thinking up! But if you’re looking for a way to smoothen your journey into your twilight years, this massage may just be the way to go.

The Korugi massage has a lot of benefits and can do wonders for your face and skin, especially if you do it regularly. The fact that you can do it for free at home and don’t need to go to a professional makes it a highly useful and easy-to-perform habit that you can add to your weekly routine. Give it a go and see if it works for you!


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