Ice Cream for Breakfast: Good or a Bad Idea

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A Japanese scientist found out that if you eat a scoop of ice-cream, you can improve your brain functions and think more clearly. Yoshihiko Koga, a professor at Kyorin University in Tokyo, tested out his theories by eating ice cream for breakfast every morning.

In the end, he concluded that by consuming a couple of spoonfuls of ice cream, you can improve your brain functions.

Professor Koga claimed that the people who consumed ice cream right after they woke up, could react faster and gather more information in their brain, compared to the other group who didn’t consume ice cream.

Furthermore, the professor measured the brain alpha waves, the ones which are connected to mental coordination and relaxation. This way he was able to conclude whether his findings were accurate or not.

What Research Claims

Koga formed two groups, one drank cold water in after they woke up, and the other ate ice cream. As a result, the group that drank water were more alert and awake, while the other had improved brain functions and responsivity.

In the end, ice cream proved to be a great brain stimulator. However, there is a catch. The group that didn’t eat ice cream in the morning didn’t consume any breakfast at all, only water. This is the reason why some scientists believe that that group was at a disadvantage.

The reason for this is because your body needs food to function normally and complete various tasks. But, if you don’t eat breakfast and skip the most important meal of the day, your body will lack energy.

Therefore, the study seems unreal and flawed. Not that ice cream is bad for the health, but it can be bad for your teeth. So, unless you want to go for a regular dental check-up, don’t eat ice cream for breakfast.

Moreover, professor Koga still tries to find a deeper connection between ice cream and the brain activity, so his evidence is still inconclusive.

Key Notes

Even though eating ice cream can make you happier and filled with positive energy, it is still not a healthy choice for breakfast. Therefore, you shouldn’t replace the most important meal of the day with sugar.

According to Katie Barfoot, a Nutritional Psychology Doctoral Researcher at Reading University, you should never skip breakfast or replace it with an unhealthy alternative.

Even Dimitri Panciera, the world record holder for eating the most ice-cream, believes that desserts for breakfast can harm your overall health, even if they can improve your brain capacity.

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However, there are studies like the ones from the Institute of Psychiatry in London that believe you should eat ice cream if you want to improve your mental capacity. This study in 2005, saw some outstanding results and scientists cling to their theory.

According to them, ice cream can improve the libido, boost happiness and energy, even if it is a food that contains a huge amount of calories. So, what do you think? Would you eat ice cream for breakfast?

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Source: IFL Science | Telegraph | News Seek | Independent

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