The Black Supermoon: Prepare For A Huge Energy Shift On July 31st 2019

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Our Gregorian calendar system divides each year up into 12 different “months,” of course in relation to the number of times the moon revolves around the Earth annually.

In an unusual variation from the moon’s adherence to the typical one new moon per month, this month another one will occur. When two new moons occur in one month, the second is referred to as a black moon. Technically the first New Moon on July 2 was a solar eclipse.

Although the term “supermoon” usually refers to a big, bright full moon, this one is being called a supermoon as well. Upon first glance, it’s not clear what distinguishes this from any other moon in that regard.

It doesn’t make much sense to call a new moon super, because you don’t see it: it’s the moon aligned with the sun from Earth’s perspective, so it looks invisible in the daytime, and could only be seen before or after its exact peak at the moment of dawn or dusk.

When one researches the actual definition of a supermoon, however, it becomes clear: a supermoon is a full moon that occurs at the moment of the moon’s perigee, the closest point it comes to Earth during one month.

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The apogee is the lunar position opposite perigee when it is furthest from the Earth and a full or new moon would appear much smaller. It’s not quite the most exact “supermoon,” as it occurs merely 10 days after the most distant position of the moon, its apogee which occurred on July 21.

It’s a fairly average moon because the moment of apogee doesn’t occur until August 2.

These days, people seem quick to consider everything a supermoon or huge event. However, when you look at them through something meant to be kind of formless and open to interpretation such as astrology, that’s where it could get genuinely interesting for some.

Astrological interpretation

If people are looking for a sign, it has already passed. Astrologically speaking, the lunar eclipse on July 16 was the most significant event that will happen before the next lunar eclipse also exactly aligned with Saturn and Pluto on January 10, 2020.

An eclipse reverberates energy into a new era

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An eclipse is thought to reverberate energy throughout the world, for weeks or even months after the original event. As if a snapshot was taken from the moment the eclipse peaked, the aspects and planetary positions there are thought to sow the seed of a new era.

That means at this exact moment, we’re feeling the true peak of heavy, purgative, solemn and quite intense energy coming from that eclipse a couple of weeks ago.

Then, what would a second new moon in one month mean? It might help to interpret it as kind of like a sign from the universe. The solar eclipse on July 2 suggested everyone would feel emotionally raw, open, empathetic and everything resembling the sign Cancer for a period of time to come.

New beginnings

If a new moon is akin to the seed of a period of time to come, and two of them have occurred in the same month, perhaps we’re being given a sign related to new beginnings.

New beginnings, especially in regard to open emotions, compassion, or even a love for animals could be a continuous theme throughout this next month, and this sign suggests that something is being carried on for longer than expected.

The warm-core of empathy

Chronologically, planets move through the zodiac in a way archetypally resembling phases and patterns we experience as human beings.

The process of going through a purge, a rough transformation and then receiving a fresh, reinvigorated sense of passion for example, is represented in the motion of a planet from Scorpio to Sagittarius.

At this moment, we’re experiencing the Sun’s entrance into its own sign, Leo. Around July 22 each year, the Sun balances on the cusp of the Moon’s sign (Cancer) and the Sun’s sign (Leo).

It is the axis of the Sun and Moon, and the chronology of this energy is like a rush of empathy, possibly difficult to handle emotion, and then a warm, gregarious and “human” feeling healing the difficulties of being so emotional.

Emotions become warm, human, sunny and relaxed quite often around this time of year, and a second new moon in one month here should suggest emphasis being placed on warmth, humanity, common sense, comedy, Leo energy flooding into the conscience of all.

Development of conscience

Conscience is a great word to describe what a lot of people probably developed or exercised in the past month. This type of purging, transformative, rough and heavy energy is leading us straight in the direction of Cancer energy, conscience, and heart.

Thankfully, we’re right over the cliff and hopefully, most people are past the explosive, disrupting aspects of July’s energy.

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If you believe in the symbolic significance of these new moons, or something like a sign from God or the universe, this all suggests warmth and humanity will come to our place of conscience.

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