New HIV Treatment Might Remove 99% of Virus Strains

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Millions of people lose their lives due to HIV every day. Luckily, researchers have finally come up with a new discovery which might be the breakthrough of the year. Scientists managed to develop a new type of antibody that might be able to prevent or even treat HIV.

As such, this treatment might be able to save thousands of lives. But, what makes HIV so dangerous? HIV is rapidly changing. The mutation in the body affects the immune system and forces is to struggle with the normal functions.

The frequent altering in the surface of the proteins makes it harder for the body to recognize the infection. Therefore, it is hard to create a drug that could solve the situation. Furthermore, the virus could develop in different strains.

As a result, the immune system suffers major changes and has to fight against various types of the same pathogen.

The Research About the HIV Treatment

Researchers reported their findings in Science. They claim to have developed a new type of antibody during their animal trails. This body was able to beat the many different strains of HIV. So, the way that it works is by hitting the virus in the vulnerable areas.

As a result, they were able to reduce the resistance of the virus. Therefore, this antibody attacks 99% of the strains and might be able to prevent the infection from developing. Moreover, the antibody attacks the three critical and most important parts of the virus.

This makes the virus unable to resist its effects.

The Effects of the Treatment

If this treatment proves successful on humans, it might be able to make the humans more resilient to the virus. In addition, it could prevent the transmission of the HIV. However, for more conclusive evidence, human trials are crucial.

That is why researchers will commence the human trials next year. The researchers from the US National Institutes of Health together with the pharmaceutical company Sanofi, claim that this treatment is the new exciting breakthrough.

The chief scientific officer at Sanofi, Dr. Gary Nabel said that the antibody has more potency than any other natural antibody that has recently been discovered. So, if the best natural antibodies can target 90% of the HIV strains, this antibody can get 99%.

Exactly 24 monkeys participated in the experiments. The ones that got the tri-specific antibody, after they had received the injection with the virus, were able to develop an antibody. Thus, the antibody served as protection for their immune system.

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Other researchers who also participated in the experiments were from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard Medical School, and The Scripps Research Institute.

Final Thoughts

There is still time until the human trials begin. Without them, we can only hope that the treatment will work. The director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauc, said that this might be an interesting approach to treating HIV.

Even as promising as it seems to be, the evidence of it working appropriately is still not enough. All we have to do is wait and see how this new breakthrough will unfold and develop.

Source: IFL Science | BBC News | Metro

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