10 Absurd Shaving Myths That Are Completely False!

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Many people have engraved these myths in their mind, thinking that there is no way they wouldn’t be true. As a result, waxing and laser hair removal have become all the rage. However, these procedures can prove problematic, especially for people with sensitive skin.

Therefore, they have to rely on shaving to remove the body hair. But, even if shaving is a cheap, easy and fast alternative, people still avoid it. They believe in many myths that could affect the skin. In the end, even the people with sensitive skin, turn to waxing or laser hair removal.

Here are some of those absurd shaving myths that are simply not true.

1. New Razor Blade Can Hurt Your Skin Easier

That is simply not true! Old razor blades are dull, which force us to use more pressure to get the effect we desire. But, with the new one, it can be much easier. All you have to do is gently move it across the area you would like to get a perfect shave.

However, it can cause problems if you have been used to the old razor. After you switch to the new one, you sometimes forget that you won’t need to use that much pressure to remove hair, but you do it anyway.

In the end, you hurt your skin. So, try to change the razor blades more often, especially when they become dull.

2. If You Shave the Same Spot Over and Over Again, Hair Will Stop Growing

This is absurd. If you shave the same spot repeated times, you can irritate your skin. Therefore, you should be using sharp and new razor blades to only need one stroke to remove your hair. But, if some rough spots start to appear, make sure to change your blade immediately.

3. If You Shave Every Day, You Will Ruin Your Skin

False. It doesn’t matter whether you shave your skin every day, or every few weeks. What matters is how you take care of your skin. So, if you use creams, water or great moisturizers, your skin will feel smoother and healthier.

Especially, because the top layer of dead skin will no longer be there. So, don’t be afraid to use the razor every day, especially if your hair tends to grow fast.

4. It’s OK to Borrow a Friend’s Razor

No way! Hygiene should come first. Make sure always to have your own kit for your skin. Don’t share anything that can cause you infections, irritations or redness. So, the next time you think about borrowing someone’s razor, think about the consequences.

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5. Shaving Every Day Makes the Hair Darker, Thicker, and Grow Faster

Shaving doesn’t do any of these things. If your hair is thick, it will remain thick. If it grows fast, it will keep growing fast no matter what you do. It all depends on your genetics and hormones. There are some parts of the body where hair grows every day, like the underarms.

Here the hair grows 50% faster. So, no matter whether you will use waxing, laser or razor blades to remove hair, your hair will always grow back.

6. You Can Reduce Your Tan With Shaving

Shaving can remove dead skin, but not your tan. So, even if it exfoliates the skin, the tan won’t change.

The reason for this is the specific cell renewal process that occurs every four to six weeks. The new skin cells push the top of the outer layer of the skin and get rid of the dead skin cells via a natural exfoliation process. Shaving may inspire it, but the tan won’t change.

7. It’s OK to Shave Without Water

Absolutely not! You have to make the skin smooth and clean so that the blade will glide over the skin to make the shaving will feel more comfortable and smoother. Therefore, make sure not to avoid water to speed up the process.

This way you will be able to avoid some injuries.

8. Waxing Doesn’t Cause Ingrown Hair

Once again, this is not true. If your hair tends to grow inside, no matter what hair removal method you use, it will keep growing that way. Therefore, you should exfoliate the skin at all times to avoid ingrown hair.

As you can see, shaving has nothing to do with it.

9. Shaving Makes the Skin Dry

On the contrary, shaving makes the skin smooth. The reason for this is because shaving removes the top layer of the dead skin and all the flakiness and dry skin layers get removed in the process.

10. Shaving is Messy

Not true. You can avoid all the mess if you use a new and sharp razor to get rid of all the body hair. To avoid injuries, use moisturizers, soap and curvy blades to get those hard areas. This can prove effective for some hard to shave places.

What do you think? Do you still believe in these shaving myths? Make sure to leave us a comment and tell us your opinions. If you liked this post, make sure to share it with friends and family.

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