5 Exercises to Shape-Up Your Body in Just 4 Weeks

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Modern people are becoming more aware of the importance of their health. More and more people are trying to take care of their health.

Many of them are joining expensive gyms while others are investing in the latest exercise equipment or supplements that are promising wonders. Yet, there are still people who are following the old way – practicing a healthy diet and exercising. It is obvious who is getting better results.

Being active and eating healthy will definitely improve your mood. When we are healthy we feel energetic and happy.

In this article, we are sharing five easy exercises. They will help you transform your body in just one month. Don’t forget that they won’t help you lose weight drastically, but they will definitely help you shape your body. Remember that you should watch your diet too.

1. Plank

This is one of the best and least used exercises today. It is a static exercise that will help you tone your abs and shoulders. Simply get down in a push-up position and gently bend the elbows at 90 degrees.

Keep your body as straight as you can and use your forearms, forefeet, and elbows to provide support. Keep this position as long as you can and remember not to move the waist and butt.

2. Push ups

They are great for the entire body because they activate all muscle groups. Put the body in a plank position and push it up with the hands. Keep the butt, back, and legs in a perfectly straight line. Perform a few reps.

3. Squats

The squats are ideal for strengthening the core, building powerful hams, calves and quads and burning fat.

Put the body in a simple squat position. After that, stretch the arms in front of you and begin. Perform this exercise slowly. Keep the face forward and the spine straight. Try to get as lower as possible. The hips must be in a parallel position to the ground, but don’t do this in case you are noticing a sharp pain.

4. Bird-dog

Put the body in an initial plank position and use the knees and hands for support. Stretch the left leg and the right arm. Keep the balance and make sure that the body is straight. Keep this position for a few seconds and after that switch the leg and arm. This exercise is excellent for the abs and the lower back.

5. Lying hip raises

With the help of this exercise, you will make your abs, back, thighs, glute muscles and hamstrings stronger. Simply lie flat on the floor, bend the knees and set the feet on the ground. Stretch the arms outside (45-degree angle). Raise the hips and squeeze the glute muscles. Perform a few reps.

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Practice this four-week plan. It is a very efficient exercise plan that includes two different workouts:

Workout No.1

  • Push-ups – one minute
  • Plank – one minute
  • Bird-dog one minute
  • Squats – two minutes
  • Lying hip raises – one minute
  • Push-ups – one minute
  • Plank – one minute
  • Squats – two minutes
  • Take a break between each exercise (ten seconds)

Workout No.2

  • Bird-dog – three minutes
  • Plank – three minutes
  • Push-ups – one minute
  • Lying hip raises – three minutes
  • Take a break between each exercise (15 seconds)

Take a rest day after the sixth day. Use Workout No.1 three times and Workout No.2 three times a week.

Once you finish the procedure and the second week is over, start again.

Thanks to this workout program you will get a tight, strong and well-shaped body and you will improve your health. Give this program a try!

With the help of this program you will make the body sculpted and stronger and in addition, you will enhance your overall health and your energy levels too. There is no need for special preparation in order to conduct these exercises – start as soon as possible.

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