20 Common Things People Realize When They Quit Drinking Alcohol

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Alcoholism is a detrimental habit that damages health and leads to numerous societal problems such as violence and drunk driving. Numerous people claim that it awakens our inner demons, while others use it as a way to cover up emotional pain and trauma.

However, giving up drinking is highly beneficial in some many ways, so here are some things newly sober people claim they have experienced ever since:

  • The physical health improves almost immediately, people have clearer skin, better digestion, more energy, lose weight, and do not wake up with nausea and headaches
  • The longer they stay sober, the easier it gets to resist the booze cravings
  • They find out that even just one drink can make them return to drinking, and even a small amount of booze makes them dizzy, lethargic and spaced out
  • Sleep is significantly improved
  • They become empathetic towards others
  • They realize that alcohol strains social relationships instead of strengthening them, and they learn to have fun without drinking
  • They learn to cope with their emotional realities in life, and not to escape from them
  • They realize it is better to stay away from drinkers, as they are incredibly judgmental towards non-drinkers
  • People become motivated, stress and anxiety are reduced, memory is boosted, and they have better concentration and mental clarity, and higher self-esteem
  • When not drinking, people realize better that drinkers act completely inappropriate and rude
  • They find booze-fueled conversations boring, aggressive, and ego-driven
  • Alcohol is not an interesting or fulfilling experience
  • People find it easier to start living healthy, exercise, eat healthy foods, and drink plenty of water
  • Sobriety leads to a greater level of spiritual awareness and consciousness
  • They learn that alcohol only worsens things
  • They learn who their real friends are
  • Alcoholism is in large part an environmental disorder, so as soon as they change the setting and people around them, ex-drinkers find it much easier not to get back to alcohol
  • They start making fewer mistakes, do not take stupid risks, and have fewer regrets
  • Quitting drinking saves a great deal of money
  • They have more time to do some interesting activities, as they get their evenings and mornings back.

Undoubtedly, alcoholism has led to a culture of self-destructive behavior and has not made the world more fun. Quitting a habit is always hard at the beginning, but as soon as you experience the benefits you will find it simpler to stay away from drinking and start living and enjoying life in a clearer way.

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However, the first thing you should do is to admit that you are having a problem to solve.

The, inform your friends and relatives that you intend to stop drinking alcohol and explain your reasons.Having them in your mind will help you remain determined and not get back to drinking.

In the early stages, you should avoid places where you used to drink or people who drink, until you learn how to avoid temptation. It is also important to identify your triggers in order to successfully remain sober.

If you find it hard to give up drinking at once, try to gradually reduce the number of drinks you have, and as you feel the benefits, you will give it up completely in the future.

Do not forget to reward yourself for your success and the changes you have managed to make in your lifestyle, to keep your motivation up.


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