Parts of Arizona Confirmed Flea Plague

In two weeks, the second area in Arizona affirmed that there is a flea plague. Due to this, health representatives from Taylor, Arizona, are advising people to take preventive measures.

The message from the health officials came a week after representatives of Coconino County detected prairies dogs carrying fleas infected with the plague; it is a contagious disease that killed millions of people in Europe back in the Middle Ages.

Officials found the fleas close to the city of Taylor.

Health representatives informed the citizens about the possessions that are going to be taken care for. The region will be under attentive observation, in order to see if additional measures are needed.

People received advice to be careful and take some precautions to lower the risk of exposing to this severe disease. It can affect rodents, rabbits, fleas, and predators that eat these animals.

Humans and other animals can get infected by this disease through a bite of a contaminated flea, or just a direct touch with a contaminated animal.

Source: Khou

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