This Flu Season Has Killed 53 Kids so Far – Here’s What Parents Should Do

Flu season is one of the scariest things every parent in the world has to go through. The fear for the safety of the child is just something that always has to be a priority. Especially in times like these.

The flu season hit almost all of the U.S.

Researchers still can’t find out completely if the flu-related deaths this year got a lot more common than average, but a whopping 80% of the children that have passed away this year were indeed, not vaccinated.

An unfortunate 60% of children across the U.S who are under the age of 18 get their much-needed flu shots. The rest does not.

The thing that’s a bit worse than the latter number is the mere 40% of adults who actually go ahead and get their flu shots. People just don’t see vaccination being a priority. Many parents don’t really see the need to vaccinate their children as well, so what is a person to do?

When to Take Your Child to the Hospital

People often confuse their children having the flu with some other less serious type of cold. But, you should look out if your child is experiencing difficulty breathing, has a fever that nothing seems to soothe, and often feels tired and distant.

Children are some of the hardest patients to diagnose, so it’s just best to take your child to your local doctor and get it checked on time. It’s always better safe than sorry.

Another dangerous sign to look out for is if your child gets better, only to feel a lot worse soon after. You just really need to keep a good eye on your child.

It’s really easy to develop an infection in your system when your immune system is already fighting bacteria. It just can’t take it all at once.

How to Protect Your Child’s Health

Well, get your child vaccinated. That’s basically the first and most important thing you need to make sure is done. Vaccines are so available nowadays, and all you need to do is pay a quick visit to the doctor.

Plus, we are halfway through the flu season, so you still have time to go and get that done. This can potentially keep your child from not developing the flu at all.

The second most important thing to keep an eye out for is if your child washes their hands. You should have your child wash their hands as often as they possibly could. While outside they touch absolutely everything and come in contact with possibly already contaminated objects or friends.

Also, make sure not to wash their hands with warm water. Warm water doesn’t kill bacteria. All you need is some tap water and your trust old soap!

Why Are Deaths Increasing?

No one really knows why this year’s flu season is actually getting deadlier. There is a lot more research to be done so that we can know for sure what is taking the lives of innocent young children.  A whopping 53 children have died this flu season alone. The average number of registered deaths that are flu-related is between 37 to 171.  The most lives due to flu were taken in 2009 when 358 pediatric deaths occurred.

Good luck! And protect your child.

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